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Lying Tibetan Mastiff mosaic wall hanging of stained glass
Stained glass mosaic depicting lying Tibetan Mastiff
Zoomed stained glass snout of Tibetan Mastiff
Zoomed stained glass mosaic of Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff (Style 2)

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Stained glass mosaic of Tibetan Mastiff would definitely appeal to all dog lovers. It will also please your eye every time you look at it. Besides, this dog is said to be the guardian one, so be sure that this wall hanging would serve as a protecting charm!

Measurements: 32.44 x 39.37 inch (824 x 1000 mm)

During the process of stained glass goods manufacturing, we use only the highly selected materials, such as:
• 3 mm Spectrum Glass
• 3 mm Wissmach Glass
• 3 mm Uroboros Glass
• Wood
• Glue
• Epoxide float finish

We strongly recommend you wiping stained glass products with a wet cloth only.

Each stained glass mosaic is safely packed into a box for delivering it to our customers in flawless condition.

We will be glad to create a CUSTOMIZED stained glass product according to your preferences, including size, colour spectrum, and the complexity. Please, feel free to contact us.
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