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      Stained glass birds are unique handcrafted suncatchers, which will bring cosiness and beauty to your home. Such graceful window hanging will be highly appreciated by people who are found of art as well as by everyone who loves attractive and stunning decor in the home interior. With great variety of birds presented in the shop, you could easily choose gifts to the people you love as these birds will for sure bring positive emotions, joy and happiness to its’ owner.

      The process of handcrafting stained glass birds

      stained glass bird

      The process of creating such stained glass decor is quite labor intensive and requires a lot of time. Firstly, the designer draw a pattern of the bird for working with glass. For creating an attractive bird, which will be look alike the real one, the glass need to be picked up carefully according to the color, structure and level of transparency. For this purpose only the best quality glass is used such as: Spectrum, Uroboros and Wissmach. Each detail is handcut and ground, than is wrapped in the copper foil. Thus the technique used to design stained glass called L.C. Tiffany method of copper foil. After that the details are soldered together and the bird is born. Than the bird is attached to the branch, which is made of copper wire and decorated with with leaves and berries. The product is cleaned and now each bird could become more expressive with painted elements. Just a few hours to become dry and this cutie is ready to fly to the new owner to please his eyes with its' beauty.

      Every single suncatcher comes with suction cup for hanging on the window and is wrapped individually in the brand package. No need to worry about the long distance traveling as each stained glass piece of art is very well protected and securely packed.

      Home decoration with glass accessories

      Birds bring us inspiration, piece, feel of relax and new ideas at the same time. People love to watch over them in their gardens, that’s why they create bird feeders to attract these lovely animals. But not all the time we have a chance to meet them. That’s why the idea of creating stained glass birds was born. These lovely birds will be your home inhabitants, which are not going to leave you. Besides pleasing your eyes, such suncatchers will help you in such questions like: adding privacy to your home, decorating home with adorable accents and creating heartening atmosphere. You could create a spectacular composition of combing birds on wire together or easily moving them all over the window with the suction cup, which will be included in the box. When the sunlight go through the glass, these cute birds became even more eye-catching as the glass sparkle with vibrant colors.

      No doubt, these stained glass suncatchers will make your home more attractive and charming and their owners happier and funnier. 

      Place to hang bird suncatchers

      In fact any place in your home will fit for these occupants. It could be kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. It’s very important not to forget to hang stained glass suncatchers in kids room. Every morning when the sun goes up, the child will be able to see the bright bird on the window, which colors magnificently change according to the light intensively. This will bring not just goog mood for your kid, but will instill child the love to nature, animals and the art as well. 

      As sunlight makes magic with the glass and reveal colors in the other way, so the best place for hanging it is window. But hanging stained glass birds on wire is also possible on others places, which you’d like to beautify with bright colors like wall, furniture, mirror etc. So just be a little imaginative and your home will be transformed to the bright place full of inspiration.


      Stained glass bird as meaningful gift

      Besides being attractive and nice decor for your home, stained glass bird on a branch will be a great gift for beloved people. Birds have special spirit and each bird symbolize something essential.

      For instance, red northern cardinal is not just a bright eye-catching bird, it is considered to be a messenger from heaven. Having this lovely bird in your home could symbolize people who passed away, but there are close to you due this bird. And robin, the most loved British bird, is believed to be a symbol of Christmas. So it’s the most popular gift in the eve of that day.

      Kingfisher means peace, prosperity and love. Hummingbird, woodpecker, dove and swallow bring good luck. Goldfinch stands for prosperity and abundance. So gifting a stained glass bird has deep meaning. You not just present a cute decor, but it’s something more significant as you wish person from the bottom of your heart some good and kind things to be happened.

      Stained glass birds prices

      Product Price
      Stained glass bird suncatcher with Orange Flower $37.00
      Stained glass bird Goldfinch with Berry $42.00
      Stained glass Red Cardinal bird $38.70
      Stained glass Blue Chickadee bird on a branch $42.00

      Process of ordering

      Each handcrafted bird is unique and you are guaranteed to receive the high quality handmade product, that will gladden you and remain in excellent condition for years to come. Price for stained glass bird suncatchers varies from 39.5 to 119.5 dollars. Time for creating this suncatcher takes about 3-5 days. 

      If you’d like to order exclusive handmade stained glass decor place an order through the basket. If you have any additional questions or customization requests please, feel free to contact me via email: or message me via Facebook messenger.


      What materials are used for your stained glass products?

      We utilize a variety of glass types, including Cathedral Glass, Opalescent Glass, Wispy Glass, Textured Glass, Baroque Glass, Flashed Glass, Antique Glass, in the crafting of our stained glass pieces.

      When will my order be shipped?

      We ship all orders on the same day or the next business day. Once your order is dispatched, we'll email you the tracking number. Estimated arrival time is 2-3 weeks.