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      What is stained glass? Stained glass art is about the beauty, it’s about the story, it’s about the emotions. It’s so easy to transform the routine environment into the inspirational place filled by sparkling shades of colors and shimmering glares with stained glass suncatchers. Just place them on window and your mood will be as shining as suncatcher hanging on the sun. 

      Stained glass suncatcher: what is that?

      stained glass sun catchers

      Stained glass decor is a way of not only decorating your home by eye-catching accents, bur a way to fill the home with warmth and coziness. For this purpose, it’s not necessarily to hang large stained glass panels, as suncatcher will also work perfectly. It’s not surprising, why it’s called “suncatcher” as this small decorative hanging could perfectly catch the sun rays and fill the space bright colors. 

      The most popular place for locating the suncatcher is, of course, window, but it could be hanged on doors, walls, furniture and even in the garden. The main condition is to hang the suncatcher in the place where light will go through it.

      You can create a harmonious composition of several stained glass suncatcher, easily moving them around the window with a suction cup. In fact this decor is magnificent even on a cloudy day, but when sunlight comes through the glass, the suncatcher reveal in another way playing with vibrant thousands of shades and filling the room with bright multi-colored highlights.

      Wherever it be placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office or in the garden stained glass suncatcher will turn an ordinary place to the special one.

      Hanging stained glass suncatcher in the kids’ room is a way to instil the love to the art and beauty. 

      Be creative and your home will turn into a bright place full of inspiration.


      Stained glass suncather: how is it made?

      The process of creating stained glass suncatcher is quite time-consuming. Firstly, the designer prepares a sketch for working with glass. In order to make the suncatcher look attractive, the glass is carefully selected according to the shades of colors, structure and level of transparency. Only in case of proper glass selection is possible to turn the small window hanging into real piece of art.

      The highest quality glass is cut on details, which are ground and wrapped in the copper foil. Parts of further suncatcher are soldered together by tin. In accordance with the wishes of buyer the trims could be done in black, copper or silver color. In case of the first two the patine of appropriate color is used. To make the suncatcher look more expressive some painted elements could be added.  

      You don’t have to worry about delivery, as each stained glass piece is well protected and securely packed into individual brand-box. Each suncatcher has a special window sticker or suction cup for hanging it.

      Why stained glass suncatchers are loved?

      stained glass suncatchers

      Taking a look at stained glass is a guarantee of receiving positive emotions and blessing mood. That explains why people adore to present this stained glass decor to their friends, relatives and beloved people. Stained glass suncatcher a pleasant gift for any occasion, like stained glass mosaic, which for sure will be highly appreciated. Firstly, because it’s a handcrafted product made with love and care, which has a positive energy. Secondly, stained glass opens up the world of art and magnificence. And finally each suncatcher is more than just stained glass piece, it’s a meaningful gift with story for its future owner. 

      Suncatchers of stained glass will appeal to sophisticated creative personalities as well as to all people who found of graceful decor. Stained glass pieces of art will add individuality to the space, help to make the room more comfortable and stylish. Small stained glass suncatchers will attract attention and become a charming accent of the interior. Stained glass hangings sparkling in the sun will bring joy to everyone around and attract positive energy to the house.

      Stained glass Suncatchers prices

      Product Price
      Two Hearts stained glass Suncatcher $39.90
      Small stained glass Jellyfish Suncatcher $39.95
      Stained glass Sky-blue Feather Sun Catchers $42.00
      Sakura Blossom stained glass Suncatcher $49.95
      Hanging stained glass Suncatcher "Kitty with Bow" $99.95

      Due to wide range of stained glass suncatchers in our shop, you’ll be able to please the tastes of any person. These are the main collections of suncatchers:

      1. Stained glass Birds suncatchers and insects of different types depending on the place of living.
      2. Stained glass Feathers suncatchers of different shapes and colors.
      3. Halloween theme including bats, witches, pumpkins, spider webs and other spooky suncatchers.
      4. Christmas decor represented by the most popular holiday attributes like holly leaves, candy cane, Xmas stocking etc.
      5. Other stained glass window hangings including underwater inhabitants, fruits and vegetables, moon decor etc.

      But if you haven’t find the theme in which you’re or the person, whom you’d like to please, is  interested in, it absolutely isn’t a problem as at our store is possible to order custom pieces of any styles and designs. For any arising issues, please, contact us using the email: or Facebook messenger. 


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