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Stained glass mosaics

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  • Picture of Laurel by Alphonse Mucha
    Stained glass mosaic depicting a woman in laurel leaves by Alphonse Mucha pattern
    Sold out
  • Picture of Tibetan Mastiff Portrait
    Stained glass portrait mosaic of Tibetan Mastiff for wall decor
  • Picture of Tibetan Mastiff (Style 1)
    Stained glass mosaic depicting Tibetan Mastiff with one front paw up
  • Picture of Mirror Horse
    Arabian horse of stained glass mirror mosaic wall art
  • Picture of Lion
    Stained glass mosaic depicting lion portrait with yellow background
  • Horse under the Rain
    Arabian horse under the rain mosaic of stained glass
  • Picture of Running Tibetan Mastiff
    Running brown Tibetan Mastiff mosaic of stained glass
  • Picture of Horse Silhouette
    Stained glass mosaic depicting horse's head silhouette
  • Picture of Tibetan Mastiff (Style 2)
    Lying Tibetan Mastiff mosaic wall hanging of stained glass
  • Picture of Virgin Mary Icon
    Stained glass Virgin Mary with small Jesus Christ mosaic icon
  • Picture of Portrait of Taras Shevchenko
    Stained glass mosaic portrait of Yaras Schevchenko touching his forehead with the hand
  • Picture of Portrait of Bohdan Khmelnytsky
    Stained glass mosaic portrait depicting Bohdan Khmelnytsky holding mace in his hands
  • Picture of Mirror Horse Portrait
    Stained glass Arabian horse portrait of mirror mosaic
  • Picture of St. Nicholas Icon
    St. Nicholas stained glass religious mosaic
  • Picture of John the Baptist Icon
    Orthodox icon of John the Baptist mosaic of stained glass
  • Picture of Geometric Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly bear showing his fangs geometric stained glass mosaic wall hanging
  • Picture of Ivy by Alphonse Mucha
    Beautiful woman in ivy leaves mosaic of stained glass by Alphonse Mucha for home decor
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Mosaic is one of the ancient types of art, in basis on which lies reproduction of pattern using tiny stained glass pieces. Stained glass mosaic sets the style and creates the artistic value of the place where it’s located. That’s why it often could be founded in temples, churches, architectural monuments as well as in mansions, houses and other buildings, where majestic atmosphere need to be created. If you’re a true art appreciator, such work will for sure impress you by unique texture, deep attention to details and vibrant colors, which literally glow from the inside and shimmer with hundreds of shades when light cover the mosaic.

Stained glass mosaic: what is that?

Stained glass mosaic is an image or a pattern consisting of colored glass pieces, which are jewelry-precisely combined together on the wood base according to the designed sketch. Our masters will create a stained glass mosaic that imitates the pattern and texture of any kind of art - fresco, panels, paintings, etc. Such accented interior decor doesn’t need additional support, it is completely self-sufficient.

The main peculiarity of mosaic among other glass products is a possibility of reproduction of the small details and expressing trick of the light - in a word making alive and realistic pattern. 

The stained glass mosaic has the ability to reflect light, creating a bewitching game of glare. Glass reflects the light and refracts it very in a charming way. That’s why the mosaic looks different when the lighting changes. Also stained glass lamps can reduce your stress or bad mood.

Particularities of mosaic handcrafting

Mosaic is the most hard and challenging work among other stained glass products. Only experienced artist is be able to create it. This requires not only an amazing art taste and sense of beauty, but also phenomenal patience and concentration on such a work as time to handcraft mosaic depending on size and design could take from 1 to 6 months for one master. 

The size, shape and shades of details are carefully selected in such a way as to create the desired effect - for example, photorealism, or a pronounced mosaic texture.

In our studio mosaics are made in two techniques, which are known as 

Florentine and Roman. The main difference lays in shape of details used for mosaic. In case of the first one - the glass is cut exactly according to the shape of the element, for instance: leaf, petal or bird wing etc. The second one - Roman mosaic is consists of tiny rectangular or square glass pieces.

After cutting, each detail is glued on the wooden base. The seams between the pieces are smoothed and grouted.

Mosaics at Glass Art Stories studio are made using our own developed and patented technology, which makes them remain unaffected by sun, rain or damp. Thus they may decorate outdoor facades and indoor walls, pools and fireplaces, bathrooms and kitchens, churches’ and private windows.

Mosaic art is very multifaceted, it allows to create real masterpieces which transform and beautify any places for years to come.

 Mosaic as a way of interior adjusting

Creation of stained glass mosaic is quite tedious work, but the result is worth it - the final pattern always turns out magnificent and elegant. Looking at mosaic get the feeling of something beyond the masterpiece. 

Custom stained glass mosaic is very expressive interior object. In order to be harmoniously combined with your interior, a few simple rules need should be observed:

Place the mosaic to avoid glass decor nearby - it’s important that the glare doesn’t "argue" with each other.

If you’d like to decorate a room with several stained glass mosaics, it’s better not select all the patterns and colors "exactly". Let the panels be different in size and shades, but united by a common style or theme - this will look quite exquisite.

Choose the design for mosaic according to the style and interior of the place where it will be located. Neutral themes are appropriate in offices and administrative buildings - landscapes, still lifes, classical works of famous masters. For home, you can choose any images with patterns that will cause pleasant associations - from personal photos to paintings of your favorite artists. 

Stained glass mosaics really look simply luxurious as they giving the interior a special chic. Choosing designs and patterns for stained glass mosaics, we are guided by the customer’s wishes and preferences. It could be a work based on some photos or images provided by buyer as well as individually drawn sketch by our designer.

In GLASS ART STORIES studio you can buy already made stained glass mosaic listed on the site or order a custom made mosaic project by individual sketch.

To purchase a mosaic, write to us at or send a message via the Facebook messenger and we’ll discuss all the details and questions about the order.