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      Who wouldn’t love to have his own hummingbird? Hummingbird stained glass window hangings will help you fulfil your dreams! These marvellous hummingbird suncatchers will definitely give you the feeling of this cute bird being next to you and sharing its positive energy with you!

      Hummingbird stained glass for windows

      stained glass hummingbird

      All humans on this planet are always thinking about the ways they can improve their life. And these thoughts touch absolutely every sphere of it. How to fit up their place of living just perfectly is in the top list of things people care about. Let us be honest, everybody is willing to live in a home that is cosy, stylish and comfortable. That is why, it is high time to speak on décor people use to make their home look just like in their dreams from the very childhood.

      As the demand on home décor was growing, more and more unusual items of home décor began to appear. In particular, décor for window started to gain popularity. And that was exactly what melted our hearts in combination with breathtakingly beautiful stained glass.

      Some people may think that window hangings are all the same and monotonous. However, we are doing our best to explode this myth by manufacturing an enormously huge range of different suncatchers. One of the most favoured requests among our orders is stained glass hummingbird stained glass window hanging. Also people like cardinal stained glass

      We know the reason why exactly sweet hummingbird suncatcher is the beloved one. These birds are believed to be the signs of pure love and great piece of luck. Stained glass hummingbird window hanging will always remind you that we must see ourselves as a part of the nature and enjoy the present moment. 


      Unique decor for your home: stained glass hummingbird

      Taking into consideration that people do not like resembling items of home décor, we provide for sale many variants of hummingbird glass art. For instance, stained glass birds may vary in colours, size. To be more precise, even the complexity and transparency of glass can be different. 

      So, every hummingbird window hanging is in a class by itself. Except from traditional colours of this magnificent bird feather’s colours, we try to make various designs. For example, one bird is of a green colour, the other one is of a vibrant blue colour. What is more, stained glass hummingbird suncatcher can even be of mix of bright colours, whichever you would like to choose. 

      hummingbird suncatcher

      What can make your hummingbird window hanging especially unique is the iridescent stained glass. Just imagine how breathtakingly this type of glass will reflect the sunrays and wink in the sunlight. Your stained glass bird suncatcher will be the most outstanding one for sure! In addition, quite often we do not manufacture the suncatcher of a bird alone. It lies in our power to add any element to it. One of the most popular additions is flower. The flower as well can be of any design you would like us to make. It can be big, or small, transparent or not. Moreover, the flower can be soldered above the bird, next to it, or even below. 

      What we know for sure is that stained glass hummingbird window hanging always serves as a perfect gift for your soulmate on any occasion, as like we have mentioned above these birds are said to be the symbols of true love. In case you want to please your beloved person, we can offer you the pair of the cutest hummingbirds. Such gift will definitely be unforgettable and valuable. Besides, even such suncatcher can be decorated with leaves and berries as well as with flowers. 

      Beyond all hesitations, hummingbird glass art will make any interior play out in fresh colours and due to a wide range of designs it will make your place of living unique. All stained glass masterpieces are handmade, and every item slightly differs, every master puts his soul into even the smallest detail of each suncatcher. Exactly these features, apart from one of a kind design, make stained glass window hangings special and like nothing on earth. 

      If you stick to the idea that just one hummingbird suncatcher will look miserable and tedious, hummingbird stained glass kit would be a perfect decision. In that way you will be able to mix the suncatchers or even reverse the positions of them. Having the items of home décor from one collection will make your place of living have a total look and become even more stylish and modern. 

      Stained glass Hummingbirds prices

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      Stained glass Hummingbird with Orange Flower $37.00
      Stained glass Hummingbird with Yellow Belly $37.25
      Stained glass Hummingbird suncatcher on a Branch $41.00
      Stained glass Hummingbird picture "Flying to the Red Flower" $76.00

      In case you would like to become an owner of the customised stained glass piece of art or please your closest and dearest people with such a meaningful gift, please, contact us via messenger or e-mail: and we will gladly fulfill your wishes according to your preferences!


      What are the prices of the Stained glass hummingbird?

      Prices for the "Stained Glass Hummingbird" range from $27 to $138. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our website.

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