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      Stained glass feather is an attractive window hanging decor, which will turn your home into a place filled will coziness and positive emotions beautifying it with vibrant colors and multi-colored highlights. Such stained glass decor will be a precious gift to friends and relatives because it will please everyone with beauty and magical glares for years to come.

      An attractive decor through the years

      Making suncatchers in the shape of the glass bird feather was chosen not accidentally. Light and weightless - the feather has been associated for centuries with something sublime, symbolizing the connection with the air force of nature. Indians and ancient shamans loved to wear them as feathers determined connection with the world of spirits. Feathers were endowed with mystical properties and used in rituals as well as everyday decorations. The weightlessness of the feather, combined with the magic of light, is successfully embodied in the form of a stained glass suncatcher. An elegant feather, sparkling in the morning sun, will become your talisman and create a spiritual atmosphere.

      Who would have thought that with adding a small accessory to the interior is possible to transform the space beyond recognition. Whatever room you’ll select for hanging stained glass feathers, that place will certainly be filled with bewitching light and warmth. The best place to hang stained glass decor is room with windows facing east, especially when it comes to the bedroom, because it’s so great to wake up looking at the tender colorful rays. But even in the sunset saturated light, a stained glass feather will delight you with a fantasy game of glares. 

      Thus most often, such hangings are bought for windows, where their ability to diffuse natural sunlight is manifested in the best way. However, artificial light sources are also suitable: just attach the suncatcher next to a lamp or chandelier, and you’ll be able enjoy the vibrant colors and sparkling highlights even when the sun isn’t shining. 

      We provide a secure fixture for each stained glass feather suncatcher, so you could easily place it everywhere you’ll prefer. As the price for such stained glass decor is relatively low in comparison with large stained glass pieces, everyone could afford to decorate his home with this piece of art. You can view the stained glass Halloween decor in our catalog.

      Stained glass feather: how is it made?

      The glass feathers presented in our shop are the result of the painstaking work of experienced craftsmen, each of which has a unique design and character. To make the suncatcher become an attractive decor materials for its handcrafting should be of high quality. It concerns stained glass, tin, patina and copper foil. For our products we use stained glass only of the well-known manufacturers such as: Spectrum, Wissmach, Uroborus because only they are able to produce the glass which will truly reveal the beauty of the future products.

      The process of handcrafting stained glass feathers is based on the technology of the American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany of copper foil, which includes several steps:

      1. First of all, the master comes up with the design for the future suncatcher and draws a sketch breaking the feather on details.
      2. Then follows the selection of glass of the desired shade and structure. The glass for feathers could vary from translucent to opaque and colors - from bright multi-colored to pastel shades according to the preferences of buyer and surrounding interior.
      3. The glass is cut on details according to the previously designed sketch, the edges of each detail are carefully ground and neatly wrapped in copper foil.
      4. Stained glass details are soldered together, forming a complete product with smooth transitions from one detail to another.
      5. Finally, the feather is need to be cleaned andits’ trims are covered by patina of the needed color.

      As a result we receive an eye-catching stained glass decor with interesting shades and accurate trims. Textured translucent glass elements “pick up” the rays and, refracting them, scatter in the form of multi-colored rays and highlights. The simple optical effect, underlying stained glass, fills the room with a magical glow.

      In our store there are a great variety of feathers to choose. They differ by size ( height of the small feather is about 5 inches, medium - about 7 inches, large - about 9 inches), color combinations and shape. Sometimes people ask to make the stained glass feather look alike the real bird’s feather: blue jays’, cardinals’, ravens’, owls’ and other birds’ feathers. Also some people ask to make the stained glass for the holidays? such as glass Christmas decorations.

      And it’s not a challenging task for us as if you haven’t find the stained glass feather that meet your requirements we gladly could make it for custom order. So please, feel free to contact us on e-mail: or via Facebook messenger.

      Feathers Stained Glass price

      Product Price
      Blue stained glass feather window $34.80
      Gothic raven feather window hanging $42.00
      Stained glass aquamarine $42.00
      Stained glass colourful $42.00


      Can I customize my order with my own design?

      Our website offers the option to customize your stained glass with a unique design. To submit a request for a custom order, please visit our page at and fill out the form.

      What is the cost of Stained Glass Feathers?

      Prices in the Stained Glass Feathers category range from $25 to $42.