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Stained glass butterfly

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  • Monarch Butterfly Top View
    Flying on the branch monarch butterfly suncatcher made of stained glass
  • Stained glass for valentines day Monarch butterfly stained glass (Style 1)
    Stained glass bright orange monarch butterflies suncatcher
  • Monarch Butterfly Side View
    Monarch butterfly suncatcher of stained glass for window
  • Monarch Butterflies (Style 3)
    two monarch butterflies sitting on the branch stained glass suncatcher  Edit alt text
    Sold out
  • Monarch Butterflies (Style 2)
    two Monarch butterflies stained glass decor  Edit alt text
    Sold out
  • Morpho butterflies
    stained glass suncatcher of Blue Morpho butterflies on the branch  Edit alt text
    Sold out
  • Blue Morpho Butterflies
    Stained glass morpho butterflies sitting on the branch suncatcher
  • Flowers stained glass panel Monarch Butterfly with Orchids
    Stained glass panel depicting monarch butterfly with yellow orchids
  • Butterfly Wall Sconce Lamp Small
    Stained glass purple butterfly wall lamp with brown and pink shades
  • Stained glass Blue Dragonfly bird
    Stained glass blue iridescent-winged dragonfly sitting on the branch window hanging
  • Stained glass bird Dragonfly Pink
    Stained glass irridescent-winged pink dragonfly suncatcher
  • Stained glass Bumble Bee
    Stained glass bumblebee sitting on the branch suncatcher
  • Ladybug Side View
     Side-view stained glass bright ladybug suncatcher
  • Stained glass Ladybug
    Window hanging of a ladybug with leaves of stained glass
  • Black Chickadee on a Branch
    Stained glass suncatcher of a black chickadee sitting on the branch
  • Blue Jay with Top Knot
    Stained glass blue jay with top knot sitting on the branch window hanging
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  • Blue Jay
    Stained glass blue jay bird sitting on the branch suncatcher
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  • Blue Chickadee
    Blue chickadee sitting on the branch window hanging
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  • Black Chickadee
    Sitting on the branch chickadee of stained glass
  • Baltimore Oriole
    Stained glass Baltimore oriole suncatcher
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  • Blue Budgie bird
    Stained glass blue budgie on the branch suncatcher
  • Blackbird on the Reeds
    Zoomed stained glass blackbird suncatcher with red wing
  • American Robin Bird
    Stained glass American robin bird sitting on the branch suncatcher
  • Baltimore Oriole Bird
    Stained glass Baltimore oriole bird suncatcher on the branch with leaves and berries

Butterfly stained glass became quite popular nowadays due to the variety of glass colors and the beauty of these loveliest creatures. In particular, butterfly suncatcher, which is to adorn the window, does not leave anyone cold. 

Where to hang stained glass butterfly window hangings?

People who have never had stained glass items of home decor may think that such decorations are not practical and can only be hung on the window. However, that is not true. The worshippers of stained glass art project know for sure that there is a huge amount of places in your home, and even out of it, where stained glass ornament would look just perfectly!

To start with, it is obviously a window. Any design of stained glass butterfly would really look amazing. The diversity of colours on the delightful wings would definitely fascinate you with its beauty. Just imagine how breathtakingly the light would come through the window and make the colour of the glass even more saturated and bright. 

What is more, quite frequently people who love decorating their place of living with stained glass items of decor use stained glass panels, insect and bird stained glass window hanging outside as well. Yes, I know it sounds strange, but who cares if we are speaking about the art? 

For instance, window light catchers can also be used for garden decoration. If you decide to do so, then butterfly stained glass suncatcher can be hung on the garden stake due to some special fixtures. The main thing is to make sure that your glass item is hung safely and will not fall down as the wind blows. Speaking about the butterfly suncatchers, they will really make your garden look outstanding and eye-catching. In summer butterfly light catchers will impeccably complement the beauty of green nature. And in winter, such garden decor will remind you about the warm sunny days and that the cold will go, the sun will come and that everything will blossom again.

Moving further, sometimes our customers hang stained glass masterpieces on their patios. By the way, due to the fact that almost all stained glass items of decor are mobile, you can even change the places where you hang them from time to time. In case there is something on your patio like wind chimes, you can also decorate it with stained glass butterfly hanging. 

Stained glass butterfly suncatcher as a gift

Do not forget that you can please your friends and relatives with such gifts as stained glass butterfly window hangings. It is common knowledge that butterflies always please our eyes with their vibrant colours and tenderness. However, butterflies also have a powerful meaning. 

The short life of the butterfly represents that life is short and there is no time to stretch. Especially close butterflies are connected with our souls. As we know, the major transformation every butterfly goes through happens in the chrysalis. It means that if you are in a hard situation and want to overcome it, you have to find harmony and peace in your inner world, grow spiritually and then, transfer your inner power to the outer world. 

So, if you feel like one of your closest people is battling with the world and feels lost, a stained glass butterfly suncatcher would serve as a meaningful and valuable gift for him for sure. Such a small thing will cheer this person up and remind that once the exceptionally beautiful butterfly came through a huge transformation and now inspires everyone with its virtue. 

It is essential to mention that the colour of the butterfly also matters and has its own symbolism. As for the blue color of the butterfly’s wings, such butterflies are considered to be the representatives of Mother Nature. They come to people to bring joy, luck and they often guarantee the accomplishment of desires. 

In its turn, purple butterfly, is known as an indicator that soon you will meet a person who will mean a lot to you. Except for this, butterflies of a purple colour also have a symbolic meaning that quite soon you will finally achieve your goal and start doing what you really love and have been trying to for a long time. 

As you see, there are many reasons why stained glass butterfly suncatcher or stained glass panels, depicting these tender creatures, might serve as a precious gift for people you care about simply to rejoice the cockles of their hearts. 

In our shop, you can see the examples of butterflies hanging art glass, both window suncatchers and panels. What we can offer our dear customers is stained glass Morpho butterfly suncatchers and stained glass other butterfly window hangings. It might also be noted that in our workshop stained glass panels depicting Morpho butterfly are created. Also, we have an exquisite butterfly night light in different colours, such as green, purple and red.

However, if you would like to have unique butterfly item, we would gladly create customised masterpieces just for you! We can also handcraft lamp and mosaic. To order stained glass home accent, please contact us via messenger or e-mail: