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      Stained glass lamp is an eye-catching decor suitable for every place where majestic, coziness and pleasant atmosphere need to be created. Stained Glass lamp shades in Tiffany style having gained overwhelming popularity in the eastern countries hundreds years ago, stained glass lamp shades are now widely used all around the world for decorating home and public interiors. The exclusive design of stained glass lamps allow them to be successfully used even in the most expensive interiors of restaurants, hotels, theaters, etc. And that’s not surprising as such a lamp serves not just a luminarie, it a real piece of art which incredibly beautify every interior, successfully emphasize design of the room and what is most important - bring to people watching it inspiration and pleasure.

      Techniques of stained glass lamp making

      For creation of stained glass products different techniques are used and lamps are not the exception.

      There are eight techniques used for lamps creation:

      • classic lead-solder stained glass;
      • lamps in "Tiffany" technique ;
      • fusing;
      • sandblasted lamp;
      • film (false stained glass);
      • beveled lamps;
      • etched lamps;
      • painted lamp.

      Stained glass lampshade for standing or hanging lamp could be performed in any of above mentioned techniques, but each technique significantly differs from each other as it requires various resources and time for its manufacturing. According to the selected technique the appearance of the lamp absolutely differs and the price fluctuates significantly depending on the complexity of lamp creation. 

      At Glass Art Stories you could find stained glass lamps, which are made using L.C. Tiffany technique of copper foil. This method is the most labour intensive one, but the result is amazing. The main advantage of such stained glass lamp is the fact of being a handcrafted product, which is exclusive and made in the only copy. 

      Stained glass lampin Tiffany technique

      Since ancient times, stained glass custom or not, has been famous for its ability to create a magic atmosphere: when lamp light shines through glass, the room fills with iridescent glares transforming the space beyond recognition. In case of stained glass windows hanging the sun light is responsible for its makeover, but when it comes to shade - light bulb changes the appearance of the lamp. When the light is turned off lamp seems to have discreet and muffled colors, but when the light is turned on it’s absolutely another decoration object, which is bright, attractive, in a word - absolutely adorable. The light makes lampshade sparkle with vibrant colors and fill with room with admirable balance and warmth.

      Such a beauty consists of small details, which quantity varies from 500 to 2000 pieces in one lamp. Every single detail is cut, grounded, wrapped in copper foil and soldered on the special wooden form. For one person time to handcraft lampshades takes from 4 to 10 weeks according to the size and design complexity. Finally, the lamp base is poured from bronze or brass and than it is hand-minted to accomplish the gorgeous look of the lamp. Creation of stained glass lamps takes a lot of time that’s why every lamp is unique and made in a single copy. 

      Stained Glass Lamps Price

      Product Price
      Table Stained Glass Lamp $1120.00
      Stained Glass Beige & Blue Tiffany Lamp $2100.00
      Dragonfly Mosaic Lamp Low $5900.00
      Butterfly Wall Sconce Lamp Small $800.00

      Types of stained glass lamps

      Thanks to variety of stained glass lamps you could easily choose the one you need in accordance with design preferences, color desires, necessary size and place of using. Floor lamps are quite high and have the biggest shade among others. They really look magnificently, that’s why such stained glass lamps complement the interiors of living rooms, large offices and luxury hotels and apartments. The second and the most popular type - table lamps, which could be used at home and office for providing additional light during working or studying. Bedside lamps are usually smaller than above mentioned one as they are placed on nightstands. Wall hanging lamps not only provide light (primary serves for night light providing), but could beautify the wall instead of paintings. And finally ceiling lamps as the previous ones don’t have a lamp base, but nevertheless they don’t lose their beauty. They are used everyday. Due to its’ universality such lamps could be hanged in any room, facility and place. Its size varies according to the area they need to cover.

      For creation of unique room space interior designers recommend to add a distinctive decorative light source - lamp. In the living room, kitchen or bedroom the main decorative object could be stained glass lamp, which can beautify the room just in one click of the switch. Rainbow reflections from the glass will make you forget about problems and worries for a while and will plunge you into a state of joy and peace.

      Visiting Glass Art Stories shop is a small trip to the world of bright colors and enchanting flickering of light. We offer a wide range of luminaries for every taste. Please, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you to select the best option for your room in accordance with its characteristics. The stylish stained glass lamp will perfectly illuminate the room as well as lift up your mood with vibrant design and pleasant colors. 


      What are the prices for Stained Glass Lamps?

      Prices for Stained Glass Lamps range from $600 to $5900. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our website.

      When to expect delivery of Stained glass Lamps

      Usually, delivery from Ukraine to the USA and Canada takes 2-3 weeks