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      Stained glass is an exciting journey into a magic world of vibrant colors and shining glares, full of emotions, beauty and inspiration. If you want to explore this world, you need to beautify your home with stained glass decor. Besides making your home prettier, this decor will bring you a special feel of peace, harmony and balance. To truly feel such emotions, start with hanging stained glass landscape panel on your window and you’ll understand which power lays in this art.

      Landscape stained glass panels: the peculiarities

      As you know, the theme of any landscape is nature. Nature is about the inspiration, about mystery, about power, about feeling and finally it’s about beauty. On stained glass panel it could be depicted in all the splendor of the bright colors of summer or the cold blanket bound by the cold white of snow, in the gentle shades of the awakening spring or in the golden and crimson luxury of autumn. The theme of the landscape also could be the wide expanse of the sea, harsh mountain spurs or elegiac sadness of the plain steppe. 

      Nature of the most beautiful places all around the world inspires our masters to create stained glass landscape panels or flowers stained glass. Our masters tried to reveal the beauty of majestic mountain peaks of Three Sisters Mountains, veil of waterfall at Yosemite National Park, crystal-clear water at Saint Louis, wild scenery of at Cape Breton Highlands, sunrise at Mount Rainier and sunset at Blue Ridge Mountains. At the same time, our artist perform in stained glass ocean with its unique azure expanse and foam of waves or tropical landscapes filled with the sun and heat with tall palm trees and golden sand. The craftsmanship and artistic talent of our masters will allow you to enjoy your favorite views of nature every day without leaving your own home.

      Process of handcrafting stained glass in our studio is based on the world famous technology developed by L.C. Tiffany of copper foil. Due to the highest quality materials, accurate color reproduction and hardworking combing with the impeccable artistic taste of masters is possible to create a real piece of art, which will please you through the years, as our products are not just beautiful and sophisticated, they are qualitative and neat-looking.

      Landscape stained glass panels: best ways of decoration


      Stained glass classic panel or panel with landscape scenes will not only create an exquisite atmosphere in the room, but also will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calming and attuning to a contemplative, philosophical mood.

      There is nothing complicated to choose the stained glass landscapes panels in accordance with the features of the layout and interior of the house. The color accents of the landscape could correspond to the color of the room or contrast with it, creating a bright color spot. The size, color and place chosen for the stained glass panel affect the visual perception of the room, making it more spacious, comfortable, filled with light and air. 

      There are several general rules, following which you’ll be able to find the right place to hang stained glass panel. When selecting the colors and theme for the landscape panel, take into consideration the location of the windows. If the window is facing north, then the golden shades of the glass will help make the room more sunny and comfortable. For the south side, on the contrary, landscape in more cold shades would be more appropriate. 

      For the study it’s recommended to place the mountains scenes behind your back and open spaces like sea, beach in front of the table. According to the Chinese Feng Shui masters recommendations the flow direction should be oriented towards the viewer in the panels with flowing water scenes.

      Window is the classic place for hanging stained glass panel. Daylight passing through the glass is painted in different shades of colors, creates a cozy atmosphere and makes the room visually warmer. But the stained glass panels could also be hanged on front doors, furniture or even on the wall as no matter where it will be hanged, this piece of art will certainly turn your home into a beautiful place. Also stained glass pet

      What is more special about the stained glass landscape panel is that it could be for custom order from the photos you which are precious to you. It could be the places which you’ve already visited or the ones which you’d like to see. Very often that places are connected not just with the travelling and relaxing, but with such happy moments like wedding, engagement , birthday or anniversary. In this case stained glass panel is a way to cherish those fond memories performing it into a beautiful piece of art. No doubt, that if you’ll gift such panel to the person with whom that memories are connected he will be unbelievably happy. If you want to please your beloved people or yourself with stained glass landscape panel, please, contact us via messenger or e-mail: and we gladly will create something special for you.


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      What materials are used for your stained glass products?

      We employ a diverse range of glass varieties in the creation of our stained glass artworks, such as Cathedral Glass, Opalescent Glass, Wispy Glass, Textured Glass, Baroque Glass, Flashed Glass, and Antique Glass.

      When will my order be shipped?

      All orders are shipped either on the same day or the following business day. Upon dispatch, you will receive an email containing the tracking number. The anticipated arrival time is 2-3 weeks.