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Window hangins

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  • Stained glass window hanging "Jellyfish" (Style 2)
    Stained glass pink jellyfish with iridescent tentacles suncatcher
  • Hanging window stained glass sunsets "Shinning Sun"
    Stained glass shining sun window hanging
  • Hanging stained glass window "Toilet Paper"
    Stained glass toilet paper suncatcher
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  • Hanging window stained glass "Peaches"
    Stained glass suncatcher of two peaches on the branch with leaves for kitchen decoration
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  • Stained glass window hanging "Lime"
    Suncatcher of a stained glass lime for kitchen
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  • Hanging stained glass window "Pineapple"
    Stained glass pineapple suncatcher for kitchen decor
    Sold out
  • Hanging window stained glass "Banana"
    Stained glass banana suncatcher
    Sold out
  • Stained glass window hanging "Chili Pepper"
    Stained glass chilli pepper suncatcher for kitchen
  • Hanging window stained glass "Lemon"
    Stained glass lemon suncatcher for kitchen decor
  • Hanging stained glass window "Watermelon Slice"
    Stained glass watermelon suncatcher for window decor
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  • Stained glass window hanging "Chili Peppers Ristra"
    Stained glass sistra chilli peppers window hanging
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  • Hanging window stained glass Monstera Leaf 7,5''
    Stained glass monstera leaf window hanging
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  • Classic stained glass window hanging sunsets "Moon Phases Panel"
    Vertical stained glass moon phases panel for window decoration
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  • Hanging stained glass window "Yin Yang"
    Stained glass yin yang koi fishes suncatcher of red and black colours
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  • Stained glass window hanging Whale (Style 6)
    Black with blotchiness stained glass whale with clear lower part window hanging
  • Hanging stained glass window Whale (Style 3)
    Stained glass light blue whale with clear lower part suncatcher
  • Hanging window stained glass Pig
    Stained glass looking through the window pig suncatcher
  • Stained glass window hanging sunsets "Moon Phases"
    Stained glass moon phases suncatcher for window decoration
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  • Hanging stained glass window "Pair of Angels"
    Stained glass angel beige boy angel and  pink girl angel suncatchers
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  • Stained glass window hanging "Pink Unicorn"
    Stained glass pink and purple unicorn suncatcher
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  • Hanging window stained glass Monstera Leaf 5,5''
    Stained glass monstera leaf suncatcher for window decoration
  • Stained glass window hanging heart Bat
    Stained glass heart with iridescent wings suncatcher
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  • Hanging window stained glass "Maple Leaves"
    Stained glass three maple leaves of yellow, red, and brown colours suncatchers
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  • Hanging stained glass window "Kitty with Bow"
    Stained glass kitty with the bow on the tail window hanging

Everyone wants to make the place where he lives the coziest one. Independent of which design style is prevailed in your home, stained glass window hangings are able to fit perfectly to every interior, making your house soulful, warm and sweet. Besides having various interesting designs, stained glass radiates colorful shining light, which will fulfill your home with more comfort and cosiness. Not to mention, that stained glass window hangings are eye-catching decorations, which will please everyone with its beauty. 

Special value

Stained glass art has a long history. Previously stained glass was mainly used in churches and temples to complement and emphasize their gorgeous look. But modern stained glass art covers more directions and is used not just for perpacing orderary glass . Stained glass decor also includes Tiffany lamps, panels, suncatchers and other decor. Stained glass, which is not inserted in window or furniture called window hanging, because it’s hanged on the window by special sticker or suction cup. Thus your home could be beautified with stained glass decor of different design and size, which could easily be moved all over the window.

Stained glass window hangings are handmade, that’s why each piece turn out to be unique. Process of stained glass decor handcrafting is not quick and includes several stages. What should be mentioned here, is that the key of creation a truly artistic decor is lied in master's qualification. Only high-skilled artist is able to create magic with glass turning sheet of glass into a fascinating decor.

Firstly, designer creates a pattern for future product. It could be made for custom order or designed by wishes of artist. After approving of the sketch, the pattern is transferred on the special film, which than is cut on on separate pieces in shape of details.

The next stage is one of the most decisive one - selecting the glass to work with. Stained glass should be combined rightly by colors, texture and level of transparency. From this artist’s choice depends the final result. Just one wrong selected piece of glass could ruin harmonious look of the artwork. That’s why only real profesional could deal with this task and receive a beautiful piece of art. 

Than master lay patterns from film on the chosen glass, circle them by marker and cut each detail by glass cutter. The received details have uneven edges, which need to be ground on grinder machine. When edges have already become smooth, the details are cleaned with dry cloth and now the edges of details should be carefully wrapped in the copper foil and soldered together by tin. Finished product is cleaned from flux and its seams are colored with patina of needed shade.

By the way, such technology of working with stained glass was developed by American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, who began to fasten glass pieces using copper strips, instead of lead. Due to his invention stained glass art has a window of opportunities to make neat joint of pieces, work with small or complex details, lighten and reduce the weight of stained glass products, do volume stained glass decor and the most important - create aesthetic products of different artistic plot.

Such activity is not about work, it’s about pleasure and every stained glass product is made with huge love, care and excitement to create something meaningful, which will bring joy to this world and make people happier . 

Gifts, which excite

People all over the world love to decorate their home with stained glass window hangings, because they create a magical atmosphere in the house. In some countries stained glass suncatchers are considered to be a traditional amulet that prevents the penetration of negative energy through windows.The sun's rays, penetrating through multi-colored glass, fantastically sparkle and shimmer in many shades. Millions of sparks fill the room with bright colors, improve mood and decorate the interior.

A great variety of stained glass window hangings represented in the shop, makes it so easy to find such a gift, which will conquer its’ owner by glory, brightness and elegance. For example it could be suncatchers in shape of heart, fish, moon, leaves, unicorn, jellyfish or fruits. Stained glass angel will be a precious gift for godparents. Most common and loved gift is bird suncatcher. And it’s not surprisingly as besides being lovely thing, birds and insects have deep meaning and hide special symbolism. For example, cardinal is considered to be a messenger from heaven, bluebird will bring happiness, butterfly represents life and endurance, hummingbird is love, truth, and balance in life, chickadee stands for positivity and flexibility, dragonfly symbolizes wisdom and change. 

Thus you could surprise people you love with nice and meaningful gifts, which would be appropriate for every occasion. But if you haven’t find the gift you’re searching for, you could contact us and we’ll gladly do it for custom order.