It is common knowledge that the bond between the owner and the pet is significant. Everyone wants a beloved pet to live forever. Unfortunately, it is not possible, and they leave us. That is why, there is a way to let the pet continue making its owner happier and supporting him or her even after it passes away, due to the creation of a stained glass pet portrait.

      Pets and their energy

      Animals, like any other living beings, are miraculous creatures of nature. Each animal is in a class by itself and is unique in its appearance, its character, habits, and own individual preferences. Animals delight our perception with their beauty and grace. They appease our soul by providing a possibility of a unique communication with creatures, which are so different, but at the same time somewhat resembling us. Our distinctions give us the opportunity to learn a special speechless communication, for instance, at the level of mental communication, in a sensual way and through the exchange of energies that are inside each of us. That is why almost everyone in the world is willing to have a pet, who will become an essential part of the family.

      It is a well-known fact that some animals affect a person, sharing their positive energy with us, their owners, whereas other pets take away the negative energy. A similar exchange of energies takes place inside the house: animals take negative energy from problem areas, and fill the weakened zones with the positive energy.

      Such assumptions are the reason why, for example, when a person comes home feeling seek or in a foul mood,a pet will always do its best to cheer its owner up and will help to overcome emotional pain. It goes without saying, that your family-pet will also see and feel if something good happened and will sincerely be happy for you and the members of your family. Thus, we get so addicted to one another with our fancied pets that when they cross the Styx, we feel, charitably speaking, depressed and dispirited, and we want to memorialize them.

      Unique way to memorize your pet

      Creating a stained glass portrait of the fuzziest family member is a wonderful idea of how to prolongate your being together with the defunt, but so loving animal. As we have already mentioned above, each owner is convinced that his pet is the best and unique. Someone is incredibly smart, and someone likes to fool around. Besides, each pet is absolutely exceptional in its character and appearance. So, we could help you to create a stained glass that reflects the temper of your pet. It can be a pretty and fun thing or simle and beautiful like classical stained glass

      Obviously, stained glass dogs and stained glass cats belong to one of the most popular requests in creation of customized stained glass pet portraits. However, we have already experienced manufacturing of stained glass pythons, guinea pigs, mice, fishies and many other animals stained glass as well.

      The first step you should take when you decide to order the portarit of your so to say treasure is to send us a few photos of your dear pet. We ask you to do so, because due to these photos we will learn about your pet more, see which character the pet has, or even such details as to which side it tilts its head. In accordance with your desire, we can add any additional element that is important to you to the portrait of your little buddy. To show you what we mean, we can depict your beloved animal with its favourite toy or in its very own suit of clothes. Just imagine a stained glass portrait of your pet holding its dearest toy and those sparkling eyes. If it is not the genuine tenderness, then what? Last, but not least, it lies in our power to add to the stained glass portrait such detail as an engraving tag with the name of the pet on the collar.

      The next step we take is creating a sketch. When working on the sketch of the portrait we will take into consideration all the details, including the mischievous twinkle or maybe the penetrative wisdom in the eyes of the pet. This project phase is probably the hardest one. Only a true master of his craft can cope with that task, because he must feel the emotions of a pet through the photographs and do his best to represent them on a stained glass panel.

      The third step is sending the sketch for your approval. On this very stage of manufacturing, we would gladly take into account your preferences about which colour of glass you would like us to use on the panel. If after receiving a finished sketch you’d like us to make some changes or impovements, we will enthusiastically implement them.

      Only after that, we proceed to the manufacturing of the portrait. Surprisingly, stained glass pet portraits seem to capture animal essence excellently. The characteristic properties of a glass perfectly collocate with liveliness of animals. Due to it, stained glass pet portraits impress us with their grace and grandeur.

      A unique stained glass pet portrait like nature stained glass will always help you in tough times simply by giving you the feeling of your faithful friend sitting next to you. Also, in case your relatives or friends are heartbroken over their pet’s sleep that knows not breaking, a stained glass pet portrait would be a perfect memorial gift.

      We are always here for you if you would like to order a customised stained glass work of art or please your nearest and dearest. Contact us via messenger or e-mail: , we are excited to put your ideas into life.


      Product Price (USD)
      Custom Stained Glass Pet Portrait (Cat) $216.76
      Stained Glass Panel Custom Pet Portrait $216.76
      Stained Glass Panel Siamese Cat $151.92
      Hand-Painted Stained Glass Custom Pet Portrait $216.76


      Can I customize my order with my own design?

      On our website, you have the opportunity to personalize your stained glass by choosing a distinctive design. To place a custom order, kindly go to our webpage at and complete the provided form.

      What is the cost of Stained Glass Pet Portraits?

      Prices in the Stained Glass Pet Portraits category range from $74 to $216.