Stained glass custom

Stained glass is a way to beautify your home by real pieces of art, create majestic atmosphere and bring joy and inspiration into your life. What is especially precious is that such a decor could be made for custom order, translating into reality your ideas, wishes and preferences. Custom stained glass decor will be highly appreciated not just by art admires, but by everyone who likes beautiful, attractive things, that give an opportunity to reveal your individuality and transform home into place filled by elegance, tenderness and coziness.

What is special in custom stained glass?

Stained glass made to custom order is a way of self-expression. Just imagine: you could receive stained glass product designed specially for YOU, when all YOUR wishes and requirements are taken into account. Thus it could be an exclusive thing made in the one single copy only for you. 

The most common custom request is stained glass panel, which could be hanged on the window or inserted in doors, windows, kitchen cabinets etc. Of course such a panel will be made according to the provided custom measurements to fit perfectly the space where it will be located. But the most exciting thing about stained glass custom panel is a great variety of designs to choose: classic ornaments, landscapes, animals, birds, ocean, beach and etc.You also could find the idea for the future artwork on some photos or pictures, which are not connected with stained glass.You may not even show us examples, just share some ideas or thoughts of how you feel this work should look and our designer will able to deal with such a task, implementing it on the sketch.

We sure, that stained glass decor should bring emotions, tell some stories. So it will be great if your home will be decorated not just by beautiful thing, but with meaningful as well. That’s why we could use as a basis for stained glass panel some memorable photos, which are special to you. It could be places that you’ve visited or you’d like to visit, in other words - the places with which some bright memories are connected. We also could handcraft portrait from photo of beloved your one, famous person or your pet. Speaking about the pets, it’s so heartbreaking when our friends leaves as, but memorial pet portrait made from stained glass is a way to save the memories about your pet for years to come. Such portrait will be a precious gift for close person who just loss him pet. 

The other direction of stained glass customized products is stained glass suncatchers. The list of possible alternatives of suncatchers is enormous. They could be made in shape of birds, flowers, feathers, plants, fruits, marine inhabitants etc. The main thing here is the it should be dear to your heart, symbolize some things and just please your eyes. Custom suncatcher don’t cost much, but ordering it you could make a unique gift for yourself or friends, with which beautifying the home will be an exciting journey into a world of art, filled with vibrant colors and unorthodox designs.

What is the process of creation custom stained glass product? 

From ancient times to nowadays stained glass impress people by color depth, peculiar textures and shining glares. The real beauty of stained glass is revealed due to sun light, which make the glass shimmer by vibrant colors. With stained glass is possible to transform the interior beyond recognition and make your home special. 

Stained glass is a hard and labour intensive work and only high skill masters are able to transform the idea into a real piece of art. 

When you decide to order a stained glass custom decor, the first and the most important stage will be identifying the design as from this choice fully depends the final result. You need to share your all wishes and ideas, including color preferences and size with us. Designer will draw a sketch and we’ll send you it for approval. After receiving your feedback, if needed, the designer will make the necessary changes in the sketch.

Once you’ll be pleased with the sketch, we’ll move on the next stage - selecting the glass for the future work. Each detail should fit each other not just by combination of colors, but by type, level of transparency and structure as well.  

Once the master has understood what glass to use for his artwork, he starts to cut details according to the previously designed pattern by glass cutter. Each detail should be carefully sharpen on the grinding  machine and tightly wrapped into a copper foil. All details need to be soldered together to receive solid stained glass piece, which after this process need to be cleaned. The soldered seams could remain silver color or be changed to black, copper or gold by patina of appropriate color according to customer’s preferences.

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