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      Stained glass art has a rich history and still amazes people with its beauty and exquisite designs. Among the many forms in which stained glass art is displayed, stained glass candle holders are considered to be enchanting items that bring warmth, vibrant colors, and a touch of elegance to any space. 


      Stained glass candle holder is not just an ordinary holder. We believe that it is a true work of art. Handcrafted by professional artists, such stained glass light holder is often manufactured by meticulously cutting, grinding, and soldering various colorful glass pieces into one single fanciful pattern. Besides, the beauty of stained glass candle holders lies not only in their style but also in the way they interact with light. When a candle is lit, the glass comes to life, displaying exceptionally attractive reflections that flicker, creating a magnificent atmosphere in the room. Such an item of decor perfectly complements the interior of a bedroom, a living room as well as any office. Just imagine what a stunning atmosphere a stained glass candle holder can create being used as a decor for a coffee table in the evening. 


      As we have already mentioned, stained glass candle holders are handmade. And we always think creatively to make every design one of a kind. Every glass sheet is different due to its texture and shades, that is why we have a broad choice of color decisions for every single stained glass candle holder. This makes such decor pieces ideal for creating a specific mood or atmosphere, whether it's for a serene evening at home or a romantic dinner. What we like the most, is when you inspire us to create custom stained glass pieces according to all your preferences. Beyond any hesitations, our talented artists are always ready to bring your ideas into life and create unique stained glass pieces, which will please our customers starting in Ukraine, the United States and just all around the globe. By the way, versatile designs of stained glass table decorations provide you with the opportunity to choose the most appropriate design exactly for your interior, whether it is old-classic or a contemporary one.


      For more than twenty years we strongly believe that stained glass products serve as impeccable gifts for your dearest people on any occasion. And we get our belief proved by the feedback from happy customers. The majority of them state that to  buy stained glass art as an anniversary gift was the best present idea ever. No wonder, especially if a stained glass piece was customized. When ordering unique stained glass candle holders or stained glass windows panels

      you can make it special by displaying the place that is of a high important for you and the recipient. One more good idea if you are looking for a present for your girlfriend or wife is to order a stained glass candle holder depicting her favorite flowers. No doubt, such exquisite handcrafted gift will please her eye for years to come and will everytime remind her of your eternal love. 

      To crown this article, stained glass candle holders are definitely more than just typical table decorations we see in windows every day. They are rather unique radiant masterpieces which create a magical atmosphere in the room due to the play of colors and light. The marvelous designs, vibrant colors of glass, and interplay of light make them eye-catching and perfect for any interior. Stained glass candle holders can also be viewed as the bridge between traditional stained glass art and modern decor, reminding everyone of the enduring power of genuine art.


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      Candle-Lit Bluebird Panel $89.95
      Yellow Wheat Panel for Table Decoration $120
      Candle-Lit Hummingbird Panel $89.95
      Iris Flower Table Decor Panel $120


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