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      Stained glass pictures amaze everyone with its beauty and variety of designs. Many people consider such items of decor to be out of fashion and that they are used in religious establishments alone, but today we will dismantle this myth.

      Short history of stained glass pictures

      Stained glass window pictures acquired their popularity many years ago. It might sound surprisingly, but the first evidence of stained glass traces back to the fourth century, when artisans started to use colorful glass to manufacture exquisite decorative products, such as wineglasses and cups.

      Since then, many craftsmen decided to continue using stained glass and thus this form of art started to develop. As the time was passing, stained glass became widely used in monasteries, cathedrals, especially it became popular in England.

      In the twelfth century across Europe people could see many various stained glass windows pictures in churches. Mainly, these were relatively simple pictures depicting saints and other religious connected patterns. An interesting fact, that not only Gothic churches were decorated with stained glass windows. They were as well used in the Middle East. Islamic architecture in Iraq, Egypt and Syria glass masters adorned a countless amount of palaces and mosques with extraordinary creative stained glass art.

      Pictures of stained glass – where can they be used? 

      Nowadays, artists all around the world keep old traditions alive. Of course, now there are more techniques and professional equipment, but stained glass pictures created by hand belong to the most precious and valuable ones.

      In modern world, stained glass windows are commonly used in homes, not only in religious establishments. For example, in our shop you can find numerous stained glass pictures to hang in their interior. These can be really different designs and forms. To the most popular stained glass panels belong pictures depicting marvelous landscapes. We surely know why it happens! Just because people love to see places they have been to and spent great time there, or places they are willing to visit one day. Some people are even inspired by stained glass pictures to start travelling and exploring the beauty of our world.

      Landscape panels are usually hung on windows, as stained glass is at its best when the sunrays come through it. In addition, sometimes glass window hanging could be hung on wall, or somewhere at the patio.

      Except for panels depicting nature and picturesque views, we can also manufacture stained glass pictures showing cartoon heroes, coats of arms of any country. Besides, in our shop you can purchase glass hanging depicting zodiac signs. Among these panels you will definitely find something to your liking, and it would perfectly complement your interior. As we have mentioned above, you will choose the appropriate design, shape and color spectrum of glass masterpiece.

      Most commonly, people like to hand stained glass pictures in living-rooms to make the room look more outstanding and unique. However, it is also a great idea to hang glass window hanging in nursery rooms for kids of any age. It may sound strange, but stained glass pictures depicting cartoon or fairy tale heroes, such as beauty and the beast. Believe us, your kids would be on cloud nine to have such a wonderful decor in their lovely room. The colorings of stained glass windows pictures would fascinate children and when the sunrays will come through them you kids will be astonished with the colorful light.

      It is important to emphasize that stained glass windows can be also installed in doors. Such elements make the interior designs look modern and elegant. Apart from that, stained glass doors become really everlasting and can rarely annoy you due to the perfectly selected color palette according to the style of your interior.

      The hunting boxes also require some decoration and pictures of stained glass would make the typical hunting box look sophisticated. In our shop you can see stained glass panels depicting preying animals, such as tigers, boars and wolves. If you would like to have any other animal depicted on stained glass window hanging, we would gladly create custom panel for your hunting box.

      To crown it all, we offer our customers for sale any stained glass picture, whether landscapes, animals, heroes, or even flowers are depicted on them. Bear in mind that window hangings could be of any complexity, size, color spectrum, shape and design.

      If you would like to become the owner of a customized stained glass piece of art, please do not hesitate to contact us at: As always, we would be happy to answer all your questions and create a true masterpiece just for you!

      Pictures of stained glass Prices

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      Picture of Lion $4410.00
      Picture of Laurel by Alphonse Mucha $6700.00
      Picture of Geometric Grizzly Bear $2260.00
      Picture of Ivy by Alphonse Mucha $6700.00


      Can I return or exchange a stained glass window if it doesn't fit my decor?

      You can choose to initiate a return within a 30-day period, as long as the item remains unused and is in the same condition as when received.

      What is the pricing for Pictures of stained glass products?

      The cost of Pictures of stained glass pieces starts from $60 and goes up to $6700.