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      Who is not willing to make his place of living cozier? No matter what age or origin a person is, everyone wants to live in a lovely, comfortable house. Flowers stained glass is a sophisticated interior décor that will help you create an atmosphere full of coziness and loveliness. Such exquisite item of decoration, which is totally colorful, will radiate the sunrays and bring lots of pleasure to the eye of an owner, as well as it will impress the guests.

      The short history of stained glass

      Stained glass windows were recognized as a work of art as Christianity was spreading. What is more, exactly that fact made stained glass dominant art form of the new millennium. As a result, during many centuries, stained glass remained as a form of decoration used mainly in churches, cathedrals, opera houses, temples and other buildings connected with religion. Stained glass windows were of a high popularity in the times of Victorian Era. Back then, window flowers were a typical ornament. As the years were passing, many styles and designers of stained glass windows were changing. In the nineteenth century, the world found out about Louis Comfort Tiffany, who was known for receiving patents for new technics in glassmaking and who created opalescent stained glass. After that, many new stained glass images appeared, and stained glass itself started to spread across the houses on many continents of the globe.

      The meaning a stained glass flower has

      Stained glass pictures should not be concerned as a form of decoration only. Everyone should bear in mind that each stained window has its own meaning and symbolism. Floral patterns are not exception. Speaking about poppies it is important to mention that sometimes they are depicted with reference to the death of Jesus Christ. The image showing poppies on stained glass windows also means ignorance, apathy. Besides, it also signifies sleep. The connection between these two meanings of the same pattern is that Christ’s death represents sleep, and those, who condemned and crucified Christ stand for ignorance and apathy. For people who are advocates of Christianity, poppies work as a warning sign against wasting time, becoming lazy or indifferent.

      Furthermore, poppies are not the only one kind of flowers to be seen on stained glass. To the most popular floral prints belong innocent daisies, weazslthy peonies, lordly irises, virgin lilies and passionate rose. To be more precise, stained glass roses are said to symbolize love affection and bravery. Red roses are a symbol of passion, desire and true love. In addition, red roses have always been serving as a sign of respect and admiration for the object to which these flowers are intended. Moving further to daisies, they are quite frequently described as the Christ Child's innocence. Also, the white color of the petals represents love, tenderness and kindness, which is of a high importance for the younger generation.

      Stained glass flowers as a home decor

      Stained glass windows replaced the use of many paintings. Now, you can choose size, colour, and all the other details of such décor by yourself, according to your preferences. Flowers stained glass or stained glass pets is a wonderful ornament if you want to create a heartening atmosphere in your place of living. As usual, flowers arise such feelings and emotions as happiness, cheerfulness. They make people feel calm and relaxed. It is common knowledge that flowers inspire and make us creative. The beautiful stained glass flower can be used both as a panel for a window, and for a wall. Just imagine how breathtakingly it looks, when stained glass window let shining sunrays slit through it, making the patch of sunlight in the room completely different and extraordinary. Try to visualize that minute, when the sunrays are high, the flecks of sunlight are yellow, but in a few moments, they change to red or whatever colour is used in stained glass picture.

      Apart from this, you can even combine various stained glass panels, creating your own masterpiece or use classic stained glass, which will help you create special accents in your interior. One-of-a-kind products are handmade and are of a high-quality stained glass manufactured with the help of “Tiffany” technology. Such stained glass window looks as a real artistic picture, which serves both as a present and as a decoration of an accommodation. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, stained glass windows perform practical functions. Due to these products, you can visually make a room look more spacious and the ceilings perfectly even. Only a stained glass can create a unique spiritual atmosphere in the interior, an unpredictable play of light.

      In case you would like to become an owner of the custom stained glass piece of art or treat other people by gifting it, please, contact us via messenger or e-mail: and we will gladly fulfill your wishes.

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      Do you accept custom orders?

      Yes, we are happy to accommodate custom orders for stained glass, including panels, suncatchers, window hangings, mosaics, lamps, and other decor.