Stained glass monarch butterfly is one of the brightest items of decor for window. And there is obviously the reason why it happens. Today everything will become clear. 

      The meaning of monarch butterfly in the world

      For centuries a monarch butterfly has been the perfect metaphor of spiritual growth and transformation. However, to understand the symbolic meaning of these beautiful creatures at a full-scale basis, you should better learn about the background of monarch butterflies. 

      Metamorphosis is the name of the transformation each butterfly goes through. This process includes huge changes. At first, a butterfly is an egg. Out of the egg hatches a caterpillar, which is also called lavra. The monarch caterpillar is bright and beautiful. Its colours are yellow, black and white. Besides, the caterpillar is vertically striped. An interesting fact is that this special colouring serves as a kind of a protective thing for each small monarch butterfly. To make it clearer, many predators instinctively know that the combination of yellow, black and white colours means that such insects might be poisonous. So, while the butterfly is in the phase of being a caterpillar, its main task is to eat and become, so to say, stronger. They eat only one thing and that is milkweed, and it is also the place where the butterfly mom lays the eggs on. 

      The next step in the process of monarch butterfly’s metamorphosis is called chrysalis, or in other words a pupa stage. To enter this stage each caterpillar has to spin its protective cases around itself. And already several weeks or sometimes a month later, a tiny-tiny caterpillar comes to the last stage of the long metamorphosis and emerges as an adult exceptionally attractive monarch butterfly of black and orange colouring. Even after that, they do not stop. If a monarch butterfly emerged in spring or the beginning of summer, it would start the process of next generation reproducing just within several days. In its turn, those who were born in the late summer or fall know that they have to migrate to the places with a warmer climate, because of the upcoming winter period.

      To predict your questions, I will tell you why monarch butterflies always know where to head, they exactly know where to migrate in the winter period. The answer is very very simple! These eye-catching insects use the sun to stay in course. It is of a high importance to mention that if they travel during cloudy days, monarch butterflies have an inner magnetic compass, which also helps them to get to warmer places. 

      Now, when you see that each exquisite butterfly comes through the long process of becoming who it is supposed to be, and then it also faces some obstacles and has to overcome it, monarch butterflies continue pleasing us with its beauty and reminding that nothing is impossible and that the main challenge we face in life is to find the inner peace and harmony. 

      Stained glass butterfly suncatcher in home decor

      There is no place where each of us spends more time than at home. Our place of living is the place where we feel ourselves in safety and harmony. That is why, many people realise that when working on the interior and exterior it is essential to take into consideration such sphere, as decoration. These small items of home interior actually matter a lot, because especially these things make the atmosphere special and the home more sophisticated and exquisite.

      Monarch butterfly suncatcher manufactured of stained glass would really become a magnificent item of decor for your windows, no matter of which size and form they are. Therefore, in our shop there are also stained glass panels depicting monarch butterflies for sale, which can be used both as a window and wall hangings. 

      Except for light catchers for windows, we will also be extremely happy to handcraft stained glass lamp where small attractive monarch butterflies can be depicted. Stained glass lamps will for sure make your place of living be outstanding and unique, because each lamp is made exclusively. 

      Bear in mind, that suncatcher bird or butterfly can also become a perfect item of decor for the exterior of your house. For instance, stained glass monarch butterfly suncatcher can adorn your patio or garden. Such elements of decor will always remind you about happy sunny days even during cloudy winter weather. 

      Do not forget that stained glass products can serve as meaningful and valuable gifts for people you care about on any occasion, such as birthdays, housewarming parties or even weddings. Such small presents stay deep in the hearts of recipients due to being unique and full of positive and harmonic energy. 

      If you would like to have a customised stained glass window hanging, please contact us at: Pyvovarov stained glass workshop will gladly take into consideration all your wishes and desires and create stained glass piece of art according to them :)