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      Stained glass pins have acquired their popularity quite recently, but have already become the top stain glass accessory! Today we are about to tell you everything about the true destination of exceptionally beautiful stain glass brooches.

      The design of stained glass pins

      As we have already stated above, brooches made of stain glass have become widely-used nowadays. And that is not surprisingly! Are you still wondering why has it happened? Then keep on reading this article to find out and fall in love with these magnificent stain glass accessories just like many people all over the world have already had.

      Stained glass brooches can actually be of different design, shape, glass texture and colour. As during the last decade all vintage things, including furniture, clothing, accessories come into fashion again, many people start to appreciate brooches in general again. A pin made of stained glass is even more unique and valuable, than just a vintage enamel pin, as the combination of different glass shades and textures can make really unique brooches, and when the sunrays will fall right at the stain glass pin, it will reflect them like no other accessory would do.

      So, you can be sure that brooches made of stain glass would appeal to you due to the wide range of designs. For example, in our shop there are several designs, such as feather pin, clover pin, poppy pin and other glass flowers brooches. Except for these designs, we also manufacture stained glass brooches in the shape of a hummingbird. Moreover, we offer our customers three variants of color combinations for stained glass hummingbirds brooches, these are green color with iridescent parts, purple glass color with different shades, and the last one is blue hummingbird with orange shades on the throat and wings. 

      What is more, some of our stained glass brooches can be considered as the talismans and protective amulets. These are, for example, stained glass four-leaf clover pin. Which is known to be the symbol of luck all over the world and among many nationalities. Besides, hummingbird is also believed to be the symbol of joy and happiness. Thus, hummingbird brooches would also serve as a symbolic accessory.

      Apart from that, well-talented artists in our workshop are always ready to manufacture custom stained glass pin according to the Tiffany technique having taken into consideration all your personal preferences, including the size of the pin, its color spectrum, shape and many other characteristics. By the way, if you are a huge fan of accessories with glitter, we strongly recommend to listen to our advice and purchase stained glass brooches, which are partly made of iridescent glass. For your information, iridescent glass is the kind of glass, which gradually changes the color shades depending on the angle of the view, the lightning. In other words, to make it sound more simple, iridescent glass looks just liken illumination.

      Stained glass brooches accessories for your outfit

      Let’s be honest, who is not willing to always look trendy and fashionable? We bet there is barely a person in modern world who does not want to be stylish. And as we all know, or maybe try to figure out, to buy expensive fashionable clothing is not enough. Nowadays, you might buy simple basic clothing in mass market shops, but still look extremely voguish and glamorous due to the accessories. Sadly, they are quite often being underestimated, but not fairly. It is high time to admit that accessories are the small details which make the outfit complete and are able to make the most typical clothing look high-class and unique.

      Thus, it is of a high importance to have up to the minute accessories in your arsenal to keep up with the latest trends. In this situation, stained glass pins would become essential for everyone.

      From the already existing ones in our shop, we suggest purchasing hummingbird brooches for your spring outfits in pastel colours. This way, brooches would be the bright accents of the fashionable total pastel outfits. If you belong to the class of white-collar workers, then stained glass four-leaf clover would fit your daily office looks. The green small pin will definitely look stylish and outstanding on white shirt or blouse. Besides, if you are having a principal meeting, clover stained glass pin would also become your talisman, as we have stated above.

      As for the feather stain glass brooches, they would really be suitable for any occasion, whether you have to go to the office, university or on a night out. Such omni-purpose accessories are the number one thing every person who is fond of fashion has to have in the wardrobe.

      Finally, stained glass brooches would become the perfect gifts for your closest and dearest people who love to look trendy and classy.

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      Stained glass pins and brooches prices

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