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Cardinal stained glass

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  • Golden Cardinal
    Stained glass red cardinal with golden spots suncatcher
  • Stained glass bird Male Cardinal on a wire
    Redbird sitting on the branch stained glass window hanging
  • Cardinal on the Chain
    Stained glass male red cardinal on the chain with leaves suncatcher
  • Personalised Cardinal Suncatcher - Gift for Dad
    Stained glass winter redbird on a wire heart with persoalization window hanging
  • Female Cardinal on the Chain
    Sitting on the chain female cardinal window hanging of stained glass
  • Grey Cardinal
    Grey Cardinal
  • Male Cardinal on the Branch with Berries
    Male winter redbird window hanging made of stained glass
  • Female Cardinal on the Branch with Berries
    Female cardinal on the branch with red berries window hanging of stained glass
  • Red Cardinal Bird
    Stained glass window hanging of a Cardinal on the branch
  • Female red cardinal stained glass
    Stained glass red female cardinal sitting on the branch window hanging
  • Stained glass valentines Cardinal birds in Love for windows
    Stained glass couple of cardinals window hanging
  • Personalised Red Cardinal Suncatcher - Heart stained glass Gift for Mom
    Stained glass suncatcher of a cardinal sitting on a wire heart with personalization
  • Stained glass valentine A Couple of Male and Female Cardinals for Window
    Two stained glass cardinals on branches with leaves and berries sucnatchers
  • Stained glass for valentines day Cardinals Couple
    Stained glass cardinals couple window hanging
  • Personalised Female Heart stained glass Cardinal Suncatcher - Gift for Mom
    Stained glass female cardinal on wired heart suncatcher
  • Female Cardinal on the Branch
    Stained glass female cardinal on the branch with leaves suncatcher
  • Cardinal Realistic Stained Glass Suncatcher
    Sitting on the branch red winter bird window hanging
  • Stained glass valentine Cardinals bird
    Stained glass suncatcher of male and female cardinals
  • Stained Glass Couple of Cardinals
    Stained Glass Couple of Cardinals
  • Albino Cardinal Bird
    Stained glass albino cardinal sitting on the branch with green leaves sucnatcher
  • Cardinal
    Stained glass Cardinal suncatcher for window decoration
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Red winter birds are believed to be the symbols of love, loyalty, and are said to be the spiritual messengers from heaven. Cardinals stained glass window hanging will be a perfect idea to bring these feelings to your life. Be sure that stained glass suncatcher of red winter bird is the thing that will turn your life to the better.

Cardinals stained glass for windows

Stained glass Red Cardinal

Cardinal bird is considered to inhabit the universe and each of its natural elements, where it instils love. If you want your beloved home become the place full of pleasant affect and loyalty, cardinals will become an essential part of your life. The symbolism of cardinals also holds high value and respect. Strange as it may appear, these lovely birds are the representatives of diversity and unity at the same time!

An interesting fact is that people, who are struggling with emotional swings, claim cardinals to be year-round supporters. They say the red winter bird power animal helps many people adjust more easily to the life flow and assist them in the matters of vitality and health. 

In addition, when speaking about the meaning of cardinals, we should bear in mind that these birds are of a red colour. So, the symbolism of this colour adds up to the winter bird’s features. This means that stained glass cardinal suncatchers will supplement the energy in your place of living with passion, life force and passionate fire!

Let’s face it, everyone is already tired of classic home décor. People all over the world are willing to make their place of living unique and stylish. Stained glass decor is acquiring its popularity more and more. Stained glass suncatchers are small pieces of art, which can beautify any window, and fit any interior. These window hangings can be of different design and patterns. Cardinal suncatchers are among the most popular requests.

Do not even dare to think that cardinal suncatchers are all the same and tedious. We provide different variants of design of these meaningful window hangings. For instance, if you would like to make a gift for your beloved person, you can have a customised pair of red winter birds kissing or looking at each other. What is more, it is even possible to manufacture stained glass cardinals with your favourite flowers. Believe us, even this is not the holy grail! It lies in our power to create red winter birds suncatchers with various inscriptions if you want this stained glass masterpiece to be a gift for your closest and dearest people. 


 Stained glass cardinal: how is it made?

stained glass cardinal suncatcher

Quite often people may stick to the idea that manufacturing stained glass window hangings is easy. However, to create a true work of art, masters put all their efforts, skills and long hours of exhausting handicrafts. It goes without saying that in comparison to Medieval times, masters now have a wide range of tools, techniques and technologies. Therefore, nowadays there exists a huge variety of glass colours, glass texture and different levels of transparency. Still, it doesn’t mean that manufacturing stained glass suncatcher and panel is as easy as winking. We create stained glass works of art according to the L.C.Tiffany method of copper foil, which is the best if you want your item of home décor fully reflect the beauty of nature and its integral parts. This method also gives us the opportunity to make soft delicate lines, which make stained glass suncatchers and panels look elegant and tender.

As for the very process of manufacturing red cardinal stained glass window hangings, the first step we make is the creation of a sketch for the future stained glass home décor suncatcher. Even this stage of requires high concentration and long time, as masters do their best to make the bird look as real as it can be possible. Once the sketch is ready, we move further and cut out the details by a glass cutter. 

Sounds easy? Unfortunately, it is not. Before cutting out the details, experts touch up the lines of the sketch on the glass. The next thing one should do to create stained glass cardinals suncatcher is to sharpen the details on the grinding machine, then wrap them into the copper foil, and solder all the pieces together. Depending on the stained glass red cardinal design, some additional stages may be required, such as soldering of the branch and decoration with stained glass leaves and berries. 

From now on, you can clearly see that before arriving to your place, stained glass masterpieces come through the long and hard process of manufacturing, during which a master puts his soul into the item of décor. Be sure that your red cardinal stained glass suncatcher is in a class by itself, because handmade pieces of art are never the same. We know it without any doubts! You can also look at the Christmas stained glass decor

Cardinal stained glass prices

Product Price
Stained glass Red Cardinal $38.70
Stained glass Cardinal suncatcher $44.90
Couple of stained glass Cardinals $140.00
Stained glass Cardinals for valentines day $78.80
Stained glass Golden Cardinal $34.40

In case you would like us to customise a unique stained glass item of home décor according to your personal preferences in colour, size and the complexity of the glass, we will gladly do it! To make an order, please contact us via messenger or e-mail: . We are looking forward to collaborating with you and fulfilling your dreams!