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About us

Our glass art story began from 1995, when we started to work with stained glass and design beautiful things. Since that time we’ve shared our handicrafts all around the world and we’ll be happy to share it with YOU too!

We gladly accept custom orders and if you’d like us to design something special - we gladly could fulfill your wishes.

Stained glass decor

Every place requires its color filling and stained glass decor is the best choice to transform the room with bright accents. From ancient times people strived to decorate space with stained glass as when light pass through it the place is painted in its vibrant colors and glares, creating a special majestic atmosphere which inspire to great things. Thus stained glass art is popular until nowadays for its possibility to change the interior beyond recognitions, providing feel of relax and coziness and bringing a positive emotions. 

History of stained glass art

History of stained glass creation is rooted in the distant past. Nobody knows for sure where this art had appeared, but it’s supposed that originally the opaque glass was created in Egypt. Some time later, the Egyptian technology of glass manufacturing was implemented and improved in Byzantium, where in Constantinople's Cathedral of St. Sophia the windows were decorated with colored glass. In that time the quality of glass was poor as it was uneven, non-transparent and unevenly colored. 

According to historical research stained glass became common in IV - Х century. In that period of time windows of English churches were decorated with transparent unpainted glass which was assembled in the ornaments. Here in the monastery of St. Paul,which was built in the 7th century, the stained glass window with Jesus Christ has survived to our days.

The stained glass which are familiar to us today had come with Gothic architecture in X century. Cathedrals were beautified by large stained glass windows, which primarily illustrated biblical scenes. The main purpose of stained glass was serving the architecture complementing and emphasizing its’ majestic look.

The traditional technology of stained glass manufacturing was described by German monk Theophilus approximately in 1100, which main principles are remained unchanged to this day.

Stained glass was widespread in the Middle Ages, but reached its perfection in manufacturing in the Renaissance, when stained glass was able to realistically represent the paintings of famous artists. 

Technique of stained glass manufacturing

At the end of the XIX century, John La Farge and Louis Tiffany decided to achieve an artistic heterogeneity of glass and developed opalescent glass without which modern stained glass art would not have a chic and rich appearance. Louis Comfort Tiffany also developed copper foil with wax glue base, which is used to wrap the glass edges. As he was a son of outstanding jeweler, it’s not surprising that has after his inventure stained glass looks more elegant, sophisticated and detailed. So it became possible to handcraft volumerious stained glass products like table lamps, floor lamps, wall hanging lamps and chandeliers.

Thus in honor of this remarkable artist technique called “Tiffany” came into being.

It gives an opportunity to securely connect the details, meanwhile the trims turn out to be subtle and delicate. That’s why in our studio we use this technique for handrafting our products. 

Nowadays the glass has a great variety to choose from: transparent or opal, solid color or glass with combination of different colors and shades, smooth or textured. We prefer to combine all the above mentioned types of glass (taking in accordance design) to achieve the an stunning final result which impress with color depth, perfect shapes and realistic look.

Variety of stained glass decor

The process of handcrafting stained glass decor is extremely time-consuming and requires high skills of working with materials as well as deep artistic vision for making the finished work looks like a real piece of art. Stained glass decor is represented by various products. 

The most widespread ones are stained glass windows and panels, the main aim of which is beautifying buildings indoor and outdoor, controlling light and telling a story. The play of light, created by repeatedly refracted of the sun's rays, make an unforgettable impression. That’s why stained glass windows are used in churches and temples, theaters and administrative buildings, in hotels and private interiors. The design could be absolutely various depending on the place where the stained glass is located, surrounding interior and individual wishes of the customer. Someone loves classic distrained patterns, someone adores reproductions of the famous artists, someone prefers bright motives with nature and animals and others prefer to immortalize their memories and events in stained glass. 

Lamp is the most impressive stained glass decor, using which the overall appearance of the space is transformed in a magnificent way. Just turn on the light and the room will be filled with vivid glares and shining colors. Often lamp is the main decorative object, taking into account which all the surrounding interior will be designed. 

Stained glass mosaic is the way the replicate portraits, animals, buildings and nature in most realistic manner, because it’s consists of a tiny pieces. Mosaics are very common in churches and temples as they give an opportunity to reflect the appearance of the Saints revealing it godly look. In one word mosaic makes possible to express every single detail, shade and shapes, what sometimes isn’t possible in stained glass, pieces of which is soldered to receive a picture.

 Stained glass decoration of the window is possible with suncatchers, which are small window hangings made in bright attractive colors. People use it to decorate windows as well as prevent birds hit the window. The most popular suncatchers are made in form of birds, flowers, angels, hearts, bats. This small and cute stained glass decor is a perfect gift idea for beloved people on any occasion. In fact suncatchers are the most affordable stained glass decor as in our shop its price vary from 15$ to 120$. 

If you want to fill your house with unique things, which emit glowing colors you are to order a high quality stained glass decor in our shop, which is in stock as well as could be made for custom order. For all arising questions, please, feel free to contact us at: or via Facebook messenger.