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About us

In 1995 in the small town Sumy located in Ukraine the story of making beautiful glass goods began, where the art of working with stained glass using Tiffany technique was unknown over the country. Thus the "Pyvovarov" Studio was born.

Nowadays we produce a high range of glass products: stained glass wall hangings, glass mosaics, Tiffany style lamps, stained glass suncatchers, stain glass panels and other stain glass décor. And we continue to move forward towards implementing new ideas and technologies.

We've developed and patented the technology of manufacturing glass mosaics, which could be used in private interiors as well as in churches and temples.

Work of qualified and creative masters combined with using high-quality materials and modern equipment gives us an opportunity to fulfill the potential of our capabilities for implementing projects of our customers from all over the world.




Art is eternal. Stained glass art work is eternally beautiful. Why is it so? How is it created? Today all answers will be revealed.


Stained glass art creation is a long process, which requires skills and high concentration. That is why our talented masters do their best to create stained glass art items. The first step in creation colored glass art is making a sketch. We use Adobe Illustrator to make the stained glass art design and then print it out to make the pattern on the glass. After that, we have to cut the details according to the patterns we drew previously. We use special cutters and pliers for different sheets of glass. Once it is done, we proceed with sharpening every single detail on the grinding machine. This process is essential to make the pieces of one stained glass product perfectly fit together. The next step masters take is wrapping grinded glass pieces into copper foil. This is a time-consuming process as the foil should perfectly stick to the glass piece and be even. What we do next is the process of soldering. At first, we use acid and apply it to the space link of the wrapped details. And then we solder the stained glass pieces to make them a one single art product. 

However, this is not the end of the manufacturing making ready stained glass art for sale. After soldering we clean the glass art item, apply wax and patina. And if you think it is the final process, you are mistaken! Some items have the details which are impossible to reflect with the stained glass, and we paint some lines or spots on suncatchers or panels for windows. And only after that, you can buy stained glass art pieces created by GlassArtStories in our online shop.


Stained glass art is a lifelong process for GlassArtStories. We our heart and soul into every stained glass artwork. Beyond any hesitations, our stained glass goods are high-quality products which will please your eyes for years to come!

Handmade stained glass

Inspired art pieces by the nature and beauty of everything that surrounds us, are all handcrafted. As you can see it from the previous paragraphs, every process of manufacturing we make is made without any machines and mechanisms, expect for a grinding machine used for sharpening the details for stained glass work of art. 

High Quality Glass using

Every glass art work in our online shop is manufactured of top-quality materials. We use glass of such high-premium manufacturers as Spectrum, Wissmach, Kokomo and Youghiogheny. We love choosing the best material for our art projects to help you find something that outlines your specialness and your interior.

Experienced craftsmen 

As we have mentioned previously, exceptionally gifted masters create art pieces in our workshop. Some people work with us for more than 25 years! Every day they develop their skills, learn something new to be the best in the market and make you fall in love with our artwork from the first sight. 


We always collect the best ideas among us to create different products. For example, in our online shop you can find stained glass suncatchers, panels, mosaics and lamps. 

Suncatchers are divided into the following categories:

  • birds&insects;
  • feathers;
  • Halloween;
  • Christmas;
  • cardinal;
  • hummingbird;
  • hearts;
  • butterfly;

Usually, these are small items, which are hung on windows. Sometimes, they are used as garden or patio decorations. 

As for stained glass panels, these are pictures used as windows decor for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices and kitchens. We also divide them into the groups according to what is depicted on them:

  • landscapes;
  • flowers;
  • pet portraits;
  • classic patterns;
  • animals;
  • mountains.

We believe stained glass window hangings are unique masterpieces which can decorate your rooms and make the atmosphere at home special. 

Stained glass mosaics are also beautiful items of home decor, but created in another technology. Usually, we make portraits and landscapes with mosaic. However, quite recently we invented DIY mosaic kits due to which you can create glass mosaic birds yourself with no special skills needed! These kits are even appropriate for kids’ crafts. 

Finally, lamps. Stained glass lamps are chic and luxurious. Our lampshades are so attractive and they reflect the light in such a fabulous way that one can’t take his eye off. 


All our items are available on this website. In every listing you will find the information of the materials we used for the creating of the product, the size, and many photographs where you can perfectly see every detail of the item. If you decide to place an order, you should put the items you liked in your cart and effect your payment. When the payment is received, we will contact you with the order details and tracking information. We are always happy to answear all of the questions you have!