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Stained glass mosaic depicting lion portrait with yellow background
Framed stained glass mosaic of a lion
Zoomed eye of a strained glass lion mosaic
Zoomed stained glass mosaic of lion portrait
Back view of stained glass mosaic shoeing its hangers

Picture of Lion

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This stained glass mosaic of king of beasts will perfectly accomplish any interior design and gladden your eye every time you look at it. Such window hanging mosaic depicting lion would be an amazing wall decor for any place.

Measurements: 32 x 40.5 inch (815 x 1030 mm)
During the process of manufacturing stained glass mosaic wall hanging, we use only the high-quality materials, such as:
• 3 mm Spectrum Glass
• 3 mm Wissmach Glass
• Wood
• Glue
• Epoxide float finish

We heartily advise you to wipe stained glass products with a wet piece of cloth only.

We can not but mention that each stained glass mosaic is safely packed into a special box, so you will get your order in one piece.

We are always ready to create CUSTOMISED masterpiece according to your preferences. It is up to you to choose any complexity, colour, and size!
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