Animals stained glass window is an exquisite feature of the interior. It perfectly adds special charm to the place of living. The majority of humanity quite often associates animals with different types of character. People believe that such item of décor as animals stained glass panel reflects the soul and the character of the owner, doesn’t it?

      Animals guiding your energy

      Animals play an important role in nature as well as in the life of humanity. They help people to treat diseases, protect from ill-wishing community, and animals simply please the eye. Moreover, many people stick to the idea that the picture of animal at home can bring more energy to the tenants of the house. And what energy exactly, depends on what animal is depicted on the stained glass.

      Stained glass window flowers can be very beautiful, but if we want something special - we are speaking about lion, it is a well-known fact that such animal is the king of beasts. Lion itself is full of power, majesty, and formidable beauty. The owners of lion stained glass claim that it helps them to feel themselves more confident and brave. They even say that the picture of a lion on stained glass energizes them before starting a long exhausting working day. 

      Moving further, we have to mention that stained glass horse’s symbolism is quite complex and multifaceted. During many centuries, such qualities as intelligence, nobility, dynamic strength, wisdom, indefatigability, military glory, fearlessness, as well as the speed of thoughts and agility, all belong to this animal. Besides, a horse represents strong grip, courage and fertility. It is important to emphasize that white horse is the personification of spiritual enlightenment, life and is the symbol of light. In addition, in Christianity, horses are considered to be the symbols of nobility. Last, but not least, such animal as horse are said to posses he magical power of deification. Stained glass dog also can be good symbol of friendship

      It its turn, stained glass wolf personifies all the beauty and power of this legendary animal. Wolves on stained glass window with their wisdom will not only become the perfect complementation of the interior, but will also fill your place of living with a strong sense of confidence. 

      Apart from this, a tiger is the personification of strength, energy and success. Also, it is not a surprise that such features as royal dignity, beauty, and victory are related to lions. Stained glass window with the picture of lion will definitely become your invisible protector, patron and worthy guardian of your home. Such stained glass will radiate powerful positive energy, extraordinary confidence in success and a strong boost of liveliness. 

      Unique home inhabitants

      Along with being the source of energy, window animals would also be a great choice when decorating your place of living. For instance, a lion depicted on a stained glass window is a spectacular and eye-catching item of home décor. It arrests not only your sight, but also attracts the attention of everyone who enters the house. Let yourself imagine stained glass lion serving as a window panel. The lion looks very real, and its coat shimmers beautifully in the light, creating the illusion of a tangled sun in the lion's skin. By the way, the colours used in creation of a stained glass lion are mainly of the amber shade. We can recommend to choose a transparent background for this stained glass window. Transparent, mixed with an amber tint, general background will visually make the room look more spacious, and bright green grass represented in the lower part of the stained glass will attract attention and slightly dilute the overall calm tone of the picture.

      As for stained glass wolf, it is full of dark shades and cold colour spectrum.When choosing exactly that stained glass pattern one should bear in mind that wolf personifies bravery and power. Thus, such stained glass window would be appropriate in a study. Stained glass wolf can also serve as a good present for someone who works in an office, or maybe if your friends and relatives start to run business in a new building.

      Stained glass window with a horse depicted on it would also be a great wall hanging as well as a beautiful nature stained glass panels. It will flawlessly fit any interior design style, either it is modern, minimalist, neoclassic or even Scandinavian. Such item of home decor can be placed both in the living room and in the hallway, or, for instance, stained glass horse can magnificently complement the interior of your kitchen. That very stained glass window will look wonderful in any room and will become a worthy peculiarity of it. It should be noted that we use the techniques which give us the opportunity to endow the greater dimension and unusual texture. 

      However, do not think that these animals are the saturation point for us. It lies in our power to make any species of animals on a stained glass window. So, taking into consideration all your preferences, we can depict any animal you feel reflecting or helping you. 

      In case you want to have real pictures of animals roaming in the wildwood, please contact us for collaboration via messenger or e-mail: We will gladly help you in fulfilling your dreams.

      Animals stained glass Prices

      Product Price
      Stained glass panel Boar $315.00
      Classic stained glass Horse Framed Panel $553.00
      Stained glass panel Shark $319.50
      Stained glass panel Tiger's Fangs $296.00


      What are the prices of the Stained Glass Animals?

      Prices for the "Stained Glass Animals" range from $270 to $553. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our website.

      Is there a possibility to return the item if it doesn't meet my preferences?

      You are granted a 30-day window to return the product, as long as it remains unused and in the same condition as when received.