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Stained glass Christmas

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  • Christmas Tree
    Stained glass suncatcher of a Christmas tree
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  • Holly Leaves
    Stained glass suncatcher of holly leaves for Christmas decor
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  • Santa's Hat
    Stained glass Santa's hat suncatcher for Christmas window decor
    Sold out
  • Set of Robin Birds
    Two stained glass robin birds suncatchers for Christmas decor
  • Robin on the Mistletoe
    Stained glass robin bird with the mistletoe of wire suncatcher
  • Skating Santa
    Stained glass skating Santa suncatcher for Christmas decor
    Sold out
  • Set of Christmas Stockings
    Two stained glass Christmas stockings suncatchers for window decor
  • Santa Claus Suncatcher
    Stained glass Santa Claus suncatcher for Christmas window decor
  • Santa's Reindeer Team
    Stained glass Santa's reindeer team suncatcher for Christmas decor
  • Snowflake Santa
    Stained glass Santa shaped as a snowflake suncatcher for Christmas window decor
  • New Year Ox Suncatcher
    Stained glass bull in a red Christmas hat suncatcher
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  • Kind Christmas Gnomes
    A couple of gnomes window hangings
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  • Ginger Cookie Man
    Stained glass ginger cookie man suncatcher for Christmas window decor
  • Happy Bull
    Stained glass cute bull suncatcher for Christmas window decor
  • Christmas Candy
    Stained glass Christmas Candy suncatcher
    Sold out
  • Snowman in Green Boots
    Stained glass snowman wearing green boots suncatcher for Christmas decor
  • Snowman
    Stained glass Snowman suncatcher with the red hat and a blue scarf
  • Santa's Elf
    Bright stained glass suncatcher of Elf for Christmas
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  • Christmas Stocking with Candy Cane and Cookie
    Stained glass window hanging of a Christmas stocking with candy cane
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  • Bell
    Stained glass yellow bell with a navy insert suncatcher for Christmas decor
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  • Snowball
    Stained glass clear snowball with the blue insert window hanging
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  • Reindeer
    Stained glass reindeer back-view with red scarf suncatcher
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  • Snowflake
    Stained glass snowflake suncatcher for winter holidays decor
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  • Christmas Gift
    Stained glass Christmas gift suncatcher for window decoration
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Christmas stain glass decor is an original way to create a festive atmosphere in the house. Christmas suncatchers will be lovely decorations for the window or New Year tree. Subtle handicrafts and skillful talent of masters turn them into a real piece of art. Christmas suncatchers will sparkle in the daylight or artificial light with multi-colored lights, bringing joy to everyone around. This bright and attractive decor is a perfect gift-idea for Christmas to close people.

Special decorations for Christmas

Christmas - is glorious holy day, which marks the birth Son of God - Jesus Christ. Christmas - is a time of magic when even adults expect miracles to happen. This fairy-tail mood feels everywhere: in the happy faces of passers-by, in bright decorated streets and buildings, in colorfully packed gift, in warm congratulations with upcoming holidays, in cold snowy weather, in the air, which is covered with some kind of grace. Also it’s a special and heartwarming event when family is decorating its’ home for future holidays turning it into a shining and sweet place. People decorate New Year trees with Christmas ornaments and lights, fireplaces with stockings, front doors with wreath, tables with holiday tablecloth and windows with Xmas hanging decor. An excellent alternative to the usual paper snowflakes, openwork ornaments and stickers of the corresponding theme could be stained glass Christmas  suncatchers. You can view the stained glass suncatchers birds in our catalog.

Traditionally, they are hung on the windows to enjoy the game of sparkling reflections when the sunlight goes through stained glass. But string of christmas lights, highlighting the glass could also create a magical effect, that's why these suncatchers could also be hanged on Christmas tree, front door, mirror or in every place where they could meet the light. 

Usually the theme for stained glass suncatchers is traditional Christmas ornaments like: Santa Claus and his attributes, Christmas stocking, candy cane, colorful gifts with bright bows, green Christmas tree, snowflakes of different shapes and colors, reindeer in a sled, holly leaves etc. It could be small suncatchers, which are combined into a composition, larger stained glass wreath or garland or even panels which illustrate some winter or Christmas scenes. Such stained glass decor is a way to originally decorate the home with traditional Christmas ornaments, creating a fabulous holiday atmosphere. In our store you can buy home decor for other holidays such as stained glass pumpkin for Halloween.

Why this decor is so precious? 

Process of creating stained glass suncatcher is quite time-consuming. During the working process every single detail should be carefully designed and considered - from the development of the sketch by a professional designer to the selection of glass of the desired color, structure and level of transparency. In result of tedious work you’ll be able to enjoy an unique decor that looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Carefully selected shades of glass make suncatcher a miniature masterpiece, able to delight even the sophisticated lovers of beautiful things like stained glass feather suncatcher.

For this purpose we work only with qualitative glass produced by world manufacturers. The basis of creating stained glass products is developed by L.C. Tiffany technique of copper foil, using which is possible to make accurate and delicate, but sturdy seams where details are soldered together.

Christmas stain glass decor is handcrafted by high-skilled master, which gives all his heart in the work he performs. Such handicrafts capture mood and emotions which artist puts in the art he adores. That’s why each product is more precious that mass-produced Christmas decorations. 

Each stained glass suncatcher is individually packed in the brand-box, which is besides being lovely is also well protected and secure. No need to worry about how to hang this suncatcher, as in the box you’ll be able to find a suction cup or sticker for window. 

Due to the convenient fastening to window, this decor could be easily move on a glass surface. It will be quite attractive if you’ll combine Christmas suncatchers into a composition. It will look spectacular on clear frosty and cloudy days thanks to the bright colored glass of vivid colors. These cute stained glass Christmas suncatchers will also be suitable for decoration of offices, shops and other places as such decor will fill the space with shining glares creating the feeling of a New Year's fairy tale. 

Having looked through catalog in our shop, you will surely find something suitable for you. Without any hesitations stained glass Christmas decor will be a perfect gift for relatives and friends as it will bring them a feeling of love and care. Please, don’t forget that if you’re looking for some custom stained glass product, be sure we will help you. Feel free to contact us for all arising questions.