Classic stained glass is a perfect decision for home décor, as it fits any interior design due to being unostentatious. It creates a special atmosphere, and makes each place of living kind of unique in consequence of its diverse patterns and monograms. Classic stained glass will testify about owner’s sophisticated taste. 

      Where does classic stained glass trace back?

      The history of classic stained glass dates back to high antiquity. The first reliable written citing about window panels and ceiling stained glass window was found in the Byzantine chronicles of 6-7th centuries of our era. Despite the fact that about one and a half thousand years have passed, the stained glass window remains one of the most popular and effective decor technique that is actively used in architecture and design. 

      The name “classic” appeared, when in the tenth century, stained glass became widely used in Germany. During this period, the markings on the stained glass were mainly geometric, or even abstract, and classical stained glass windows decorated the window openings of cathedrals and churches. In luxuriant mansions and castles, classic stained glass compositions were a characteristic feature of the facades of buildings and the interior. Such multi-colored ornamental composition was an integral whole of the architecture of the building. Since then, stained glass art has undergone many changes.

      Stained glass classic manufacturing

      Turning back to antique times, masters had no opportunity to make animal stain glass or stained glass of different colours. Then, in medieval times, the artists learned how to manufacture the coloured stained glass. Due to this skill, it became possible to mix various colours in different proportions. Thus, masters could finally create the colours they needed, and could even make the colours darker or lighter. Besides, now they also had an ability to regulate the degree of saturation of the colours used in creation of a stained glass. 

      It goes without saying, that in comparison to the Middle Ages, nowadays stained glass masters have far more opportunities for creation of their masterpieces. To be more precise, now they have a huge variety of glass to choose, which differs in its level of transparency, broad range of colours and shades, and which is different in texture. Still, it does not make masters’ work easier. 

      Firstly, artists have to create the sketch of the ornament, taking into consideration all the preferences of the ordering customer. After that, they cut out the details by glass cutter according to the approved sketch of the stained glass. Even after such procedures, there is still a lot to do to finish the stained glass window, for example, detail sharpening on the grinding machine, wrapping it into copper foil, and soldering all the details of the classic stained glass together. Obviously, only a true master can achieve such goals to please its customer.

      Exceptional decorative part

      As we have already mentioned previously, classical stained glass becomes the central feature of the house, which catches both the eye of the owner and the guest. Despite the markings being simple, they are extremely alluring. Stained glass can serve as a unique window decoration, which will cheer your soul up when the weather is hazy and gloomy. Imagine reading a book in your favourite comfortable armchair, when it is pouring rain outside, but as you take your eyes off the book, you do not see the “grey” world, but fanciful ornaments. 

      And what about seeing a marvelous sunrise as you open your eyes after a long sleep due to landscape stained glass ceiling windows? Geometric markings will reflect the first shining sunrays so that you will be totally fascinated by the view. I bet you have dreaming about it the whole life. Moreover, a floral stained glass window on the ceiling makes the room more spacious, and gives greater expressiveness. 

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      Classic Stained Glass prices

      Product Price
      Classic stained glass Cobalt Beveled Panel $287
      Classic stained glass Clear Beveled Panel $287
      Classic stained glass Green Beveled Panel $287
      Classic stained glass Pink Beveled Panel $280


      How soon can you deliver stained glass items in the Classic patterns category?

      Each order from the Classic patterns category is shipped either on the same business day or the next day, with an expected delivery time of 2-3 weeks.

      Is it possible for me to make a customized design request for stained glass?

      On our website, you have the opportunity to purchase a stained glass piece with a personalized design. To make a request for a customized order, please go to our page at and complete the provided form.