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      Stained glass panels is a way to marvellously transform the interior by bright colors and shining glares, which appears due to the light. Using stained glass panels is an excellent way to beautify the interior or exterior of any building. Placed on windows, doors, cabinets, this refined piece of art fill the house with the warm and coziness. 

      Stained glass panel: what is it?

      Stained glass art is represented by various handicrafts: lamps, suncatchers, stained glass mosaics and panels. The last mentioned ones are gaining overwhelming popularity nowadays because it’s a perfect designer solution for decorating the space with colorful glares and thousand of shining shades. 

      But such magnificent effect is possible to achieve only in case of using the highest quality stained glass. That’s why we work only with well-known glass manufacture like Uroboros, Spectrum and Wissmach. Process of picking up the glass for the future work is quite challenging task as from this decisive choice depends the final result. We have a great variety of colors and shades of glass to choose. Each type of glass is distinguished by its original color and texture. This gives an opportunity to achieve the most realistic look of the panel, which makes it look alike the designed sketch or photo provided by client.

      The approved pattern is drawn on the film and cut on the parts from which future panel will consist. The cuted parts of film is laid out on different glass previously selected by high-skilled master. After that details are carved from the glass and their edges are smoothed on the grinded tool. When details will be carefully adapted to each other, they could be wrapped in the copper foil according to the glass thickness. After that process all details are laid out on the sketch and soldered together. Now the panel could be cleaned, trims be covered by patina and wax. The processing time for creation of stained glass panel varies according to its size, design and complexity. 

      Where panels could be used? 

      In fact stained glass panel could be located everywhere, but the most popular place is window because sunlight reveal the panel in absolutely other way and makes is play of colorful shades and sparkling glares. Also in the evening stained glass lamp can make equal effects. Besides adding privacy to your home, such window decor will create coziness atmosphere and bring pleasant emotions to its’ owner. Thus changing the ordinary window into eye-catching one is so simple with this decorative object. The process of hanging the panel is also very easy as in our shop each panel comes with reliable window sticker with metal hook, which could be quickly sticked to the previously cleaned surface. 

      When ordering the panel you need to mention the level of privacy you’d like to achieve. In accordance with your wishes we’ll pick up the glass by level of its’ transparency. 

      Such original decor could set the tone for the design of the entire room and become its bright accent. The combination of several panels makes it possible to fill the room with even more colors and give the interior maximum expression. The stained glass panel looks great not only from the inside of the room, but also from the outside.

      Besides sticking on the window, the panel could be inserted in windows, doors, partitions, furniture. Since stained glass panels are resistant to temperature extremes they can be used outdoor for balcony, terrace, and winter garden.

      Stained glass Panels Price

      Product Price
      Stained Glass Panel Custom Pet Portrait $216.76
      Classic Flower Stained Glass Cherry Blossom Panels $315.00
      Mountain Banf National Park $273.00
      Classic Stained Glass Sunset Panel $266.00

      How design for the panel need to be chosen?

      Being a unique piece of art, stained glass panel could absolutely transform the place where it will be hanged or inserted. Such handicraft will please you for years to come so its’ design need to be chosen carefully. 

      Possible design of the panel varies as it depends on size and preferable pattern. It could be geometric pattern, nature, animals, still-lifes, buildings or separate objects. In one word, we make everything possible to perform your wishes and ideas into stained glass. 

      Stained glass panel is a way to update an old furniture and possibility to turn it into valuable antiques. It also could stress furniture design with modern patterns. But the most precious things are the ones which are connected with emotions. That’s why people love to order stained glass made from the photos of the places with pleasant memories, of inspirational places they would like to visit, their loved pets, most loved flowers, favorite animals etc. Thus stained glass decor will be a perfect addition to your interior as well as a spectacular gift for housewarming, birthday or anniversary.

      To discuss the details on customization, please, feel free to contact us via e-mail: : or Facebook messenger. We create gorgeous stained glass decor, which makes their owner happier and houses prettier. You should visit our online store Glass Art Stories to chose beautiful stained glass decor for your home.


      What is the cost of delivery in the Stained Glass Panels?

      Delivery to the United States and Canada is complimentary, with an estimated arrival time of 2-3 weeks.

      How much do Stained Glass Panels cost?

      Prices for items in the Stained Glass Panels category start from $74 and can go up to $1200.