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Stained glass heart

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  • Stained glass The Key to the Heart
    Stained glass red heart suncatcher with the key painted  on it
  • Stained glass Heart with Arrow Gift for Valentines Day
    Stained glass heart with arrow suncatcher for Valentine's Day
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  • Stained glass Heart for Valentine's Day Gift
    Stained glass suncatcher of two intertwined red hearts with the orange part
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  • Two Hearts stained glass suncatcher
    Two stained glass heart one higher than the other suncatcher
  • Stained glass heart Cherries window hanging
    Stained glass cherries in the shape of heart suncatcher for window decor
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  • Stained glass suncatcher Heartbeat
    Stained glass two orange hearts suncatcher with red part suncatcher and with the wired heartbeat
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  • Stained glass window hanging heart Bat
    Stained glass heart with iridescent wings suncatcher
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  • Stained glass valentines Cardinal birds in Love for windows
    Stained glass cardinals in love sitting on the branch with leaves and berries suncatcher
  • Stained glass valentine Pair of Blue Jays
    Stained glass bluejays suncatcher hanging on the tree
  • Personalised Female Heart stained glass Cardinal Suncatcher - Gift for Mom
    Stained glass female cardinal on wired heart suncatcher
  • Stained glass Iridescent-winged Heart
    Halloween red stained glass heart with iridescent wings window hanging
  • Personalised Red Cardinal Suncatcher - Heart stained glass Gift for Mom
    Stained glass suncatcher of a cardinal sitting on a wire heart with personalization
  • Stained glass valentine A Couple of Male and Female Cardinals for Window
    Female and male cardinals suncatchers of stained glass for window decor
  • Stained glass for valentines day Cardinals Couple
    Stained glass cardinals couple on the branch with leaves and berries suncatcher
  • Stained glass for valentines day Hummingbirds with Flower
    Sitting on the branch hummingbirds with a flower stained glass suncatcher
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  • Stained glass valentine Pair of Black Chickadees
    A pair of black chickadees on the branch with leaves and berries stained glass suncatcher
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  • Stained glass bird Magpies for valentines day
    Two magpies sitting on the branch suncatcher of stained glass
  • Stained glass for valentines day Monarch butterfly stained glass (Style 1)
    Stained glass bright orange monarch butterflies suncatcher
  • Stained glass valentine Pair of Bluebirds Stylized
    Stained glass pair of bluebirds sitting on the branch suncatcher
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  • Kingfishers with Stained Glass Leaves for valentines day
    Stained glass suncatcher of a pair of kingfishers with leaves
  • Stained glass picture of Bunting Birds for valentines day
    Stained glass bunting birds sitting on the branch suncatcher
  • Stained glass valentine Cardinals bird
    Stained glass male and female cardinals sitting on the two separate wire branches with red leaves suncatcher
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  • Stained glass valentine Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds
    blue winged hummingbirds with red tails stained glass suncatcher
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  • Pair of Green Hummingbirds stained glass for valentines day
    Stained glass green hummingbirds from orange and clear glass sitting on the branch with pink flower suncatcher

Stained glass hearts suncatchers are just perfect for Valentines Day. Such items will remind your beloved person about the eternal love and give the feeling that you are always somewhere near.

Valentines Day – where does it come from?

To begin with, we would like to tell you about this special day, when couples in love exchange some mini gifts, or sometimes not mini, with each other. This day is called so in honour of Saint Valentine, who was a priest from Rome. Saint Valentine was known for marrying people in secret, because back in those times it was forbidden and men who were married were considered to be bad soldiers.

When the Rome Emperor, whose name was Claudius found out about it, he became extremely angry and furious. Thus, he charged Saint Valentine to jail. Moreover, the Emperor commanded to sentence St Valentine to death.

After having been sentenced, St Valentine fell in love with the girl whose father was also jailed. When the Emperor heard such news, he ordered to kill him. No wonder, this happened on the fourteenth of February. Before being executed, Saint Valentine sent his love interest a letter, which he signed as “your Valentine”.

However, this was not the thing which led to massive celebrations all over the world. Back then, the Romans used to have a festival every February, in the middle of the month. It is said that this festival was arranged in order to meet the spring and walking the winter season of the year. During this Roman festival there was a tradition between boys and girls. Boys had to write the name of the girl they liked to most on the box. Then, they had to pretend as if they were a couple in love until the festival finished. An interesting fact is that sometimes these people got married!

With the course of time, the church decided to make this festival a Christian celebration. As well, it was decided to commemorate Saint Valentine on this day. Since then, this day started to gain its popularity among all Christian people all over the world. Saint Valentine’s name was now used as the means to express the feelings of your romantic love towards the other person.

Stained glass gifts for Valentines day

In modern world, we are all waiting for the fourteenth of February to come. Because exactly on this day we believe that love will be felt as never before. Everybody, who is even far away from being a romantic and touching person, tries his best to please his or her partner and make this day unforgettable and special.

Usually, the pair of sweethearts gifts each other candies, flowers or something like that. However, we believe that valentines suncatcher can become the perfect present on this day. The variety of designs of hearts glass art in our shop will amaze you and you will definitely find suncatchers, which will appeal to you! In comparison to typical gifts, stained glass hearts window hanging will always remind your other half about you and will please his or her eye simple by being on the window and reflecting the sunrays.

Heart shaped glass suncatchers can be of different colours. For instance, on our website you will see that they can be of course red, but as well hearts glass art can be of pink and orange colours and shades. Furthermore, when we decided to craft hearts window hangings, we thought that making simply a heart would be too ordinary and even boring for us!

That is why we did our best to handcraft stained glass hearts with the wired heartbeat. One more variant we suggested was two stained glass hearts uniting in one. One of the hearts suncatchers our customers liked the most is the heart with the arrow in it and the inscription love in the middle if the heart.

However, it is important to mention that not only hearts suncatchers would be perfect for gifting them to the person you love on St.Valentines Day. It can be as well butterfly stained glass suncatchers, which also look adorable! The vibrant colours and fanciful designs will give your partner the sense of your deep love and the most tender feelings.

In addition, stained glass feather suncatcher would sink into the heart of your beloved person. We have a huge variety of colour combinations and you can choose the feather of his or her favourite colours. Such item will not only give her/him the feeling that you are always near, but decorate the room and become the essential part of it.

If you would like to purchase stained glass window hangings, panels or make a custom order, please contact us at: . We would gladly take into consideration all you preferences in colour spectrum, shape, design and size of the stained glass item. By the way, we offer a wide range of cardinal bird suncatcher, so see more in the section birds&insects ☺