How to hang stained glass panels


how to hang stained glass on window
Stained glass panels
belong to the most popular items of home decor all over the world. However, many people are doubting whether to purchase panels or not, as they do not know how to hang them safely. People think that stained glass panels may fall down and break into pieces. Today, we will ensure you this is not going to happen.

How to hang stained glass in window

To begin with, it is important to clarify that stained glass panels can be different in size, shape, the design of the glass an so on. All these factors are extremely important to take into consideration when you are thinking about where to hang your stained glass window hanging. 

What we suggest, when our customers would like to buy any glass panel in our shop, is to show us the photo of the window, where they will need stained glass art panel to be installed or hanged. For example, if there is quite a small window, then we obviously suggest to purchase stained glass panel of a reasonably small size. This happens due to the reason, that each glass item has to snug against the window and not be bigger than it or be extremely heavy. Otherwise, stained glass window hanging can really fall down and break. Not to let this happen, we fix a special chain to the panel and then this panel will be hanged on a suction cup of a corresponding size. So, what we have to do, is to stick a suction cup to the window and hang the stained glass panel using the chain on the suction cup. 

Another case to be discussed is when stained glass panel should be installed in window. By the way, it is of a high importance for a stained glass artist to know where the future masterpiece will be installed. It actually depends on whether the frame of the panel should be glass or there should be a metal framing. For instance, if the stained glass window hanging is supposed to be of quite large sizes, then we strongly recommend using a metal or steel frame for the panel, because this small life hack will help to prevent stained glass piece of art from breaking and make the panel even more rigid. 

Unfortunately, sometimes people do not like the idea of manufacturing stained glass panel with the metal framing, even though we do our best to persuade them that it is essential. They stick to the idea that glass panel will not look that good with the frame. However, we would like to say that that is not correct. The thing is, that when installing stained glass panels in window frame or door, the metal frame does really become invisible. In addition, with the steel frame the panel might even look more delicate and harmonic. So, do not hesitate and agree when stained glass maters suggest you adding framing, especially if installing the panel of stained glass in window.

Hanging stained glass panels

Now, when we have already talked a lot about the ways of how to hang stained glass panels, it is high time to exchange views of where stained glass window hangings are hung most frequently. As far as we are concerned, many people who are fond of stained glass know that the best place to hang glass panels is windows, to be more precise, is in front of window! Once you have at least one stained glass decor item at home, you start to realise that the light from the street perfectly lights up the work of art made of stained glass, because so that, the colours become so bright, saturated and vibrant, that the picture becomes even more breathtaking. 

What is more, it is essential to know that before using a suction cup to hang stained glass panels, it is necessary to wipe the window with the alcohol and let it dry. This will help the suction cup stick way better. By the way, I cannot but mention, that glass panels can also be hung on a special glue sticker. As a rule, glue stickers are used for heavy and big stained glass panels, whereas suction cups are mostly used for small window hanging and some small items of home decor, as stained glass bird suncatcher, feathers, and so on. One more variant for installation of large panels is the hook in the wall. So that, the chain is hung on this hooks and is ready to please your eye.

And if we are speaking about the stained glass panels, I would like to use the opportunity and remind the simple rules of taking care of the panels. To make the window hanging always look perfect and impeccable, it is advisable to wipe them with a wet piece of cloth just when you usually do the cleaning up. Believe us, stained glass panels will serve you for good and will become the outstanding part of your interior. 

We would gladly create stained glass items of decor just for you and according to your preferences. To make this happen, please, contact us via messenger or e-mail: and we will gladly fulfill your wishes according to your preferences! See unique stained glass suncatchers on our Etsy store!

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