Window decoration ideas for Halloween

Halloween decor is the number one thing in the shopping list of most people in autumn. Citizens of the world with the great pleasure adorn windows for Halloween. Today, you will find out more about unique stained glass Halloween window decoration. Let’s start!

Halloween window decoration ideas

Window decoration ideas for Halloween

Every season has the most awaited holidays. In winter it is obviously Christmas, New Year and Saint Valentine’s Day celebrations. In spring we all love the most important day for our beloved mommies – Mother’s Day. For Americans in summer there is a very special bank holiday, and beyond any doubt, it is the Independence Day of the United Stated of America. And surely, in autumn every single person craves to meet the devil spirits and celebrate Halloween.

By the way, we would like to speak a bit about Halloween itself, as many people nowadays celebrate it, but they actually do not know where this evil holiday comes from or when it started even existing. To start with, the tradition to ward off ghost was originated during the celebrations of Celtic festival where people used to light bonfires and they really believed that such rituals would help them to get rid of ghosts and other devildom. The reason why they had this festival is that we summer ended and it was the time when the harvest stopped growing. As a result, some people did not have enough food to eat and to survive until the next warm season comes. However, later on, approximately in the eighth century the first of November was named the day of all saints by the Pope. It says that on this day all saints gathered and they adopted some rituals from the Celtic festival founded two thousand years ago, which we mentioned above. The time was passing, the Christianity started to spread more and more all over the world. The church wanted to make this holiday an ecclesiastical one and named the second of November the day of commemoration of those who passed away. But now you might be wondered why it became to be called Halloween. And here is the answer! The Day celebrated as All Saints’ Day was also known in ancient times as All-hallows, because in Middle English All Saints’ Day was known as Alholowmesse. 

A little bit later, Halloween celebrations were spreading and finally reached America. The customs and traditions of the European citizens and native Americans were mixed, and Americans decided to make Halloween celebrations in their own manner. Thus, they made it more actable and even a kind of funny. Since then, people celebrating this mysterious holiday were dancing, playing games and sharing scary stories. 

How to decorate windows for Helloween

The traditional way of meeting the day of evil spirits as we know it now, was formed in 1930s, when small communities gathered together, got dressed, made pranks on each other and spoke about the ghosts. The thing is that there were some problems after the World War the second as the lack of sugar occurred. And simple as that, children in the United Stated created a trick-or-treat tradition. Since there, people started to decorate their homes, working places and front yards with various Halloween ornaments, pumpkins, scarecrows, creeper and ghosts and many other spooky things. Sometimes, they use special board to place all horror decorations on it in front of the house. 

It goes without saying that in modern world every year each of us tries his best to find the most unique and attractive decoration ideas for Halloween. To make it a little bit easier, several years ago we started manufacturing stained glass light catchers of different things and creatures which make perfect ideas for windows decorations. 

To the list of most beloved stained glass pieces for Halloween in our shop among our dear customers belong suncatchers of bats. We decided to make them available in divergent colours, for example classic stained glass bats in our shop you can find in red, purple, black, brown, blue and even iridescent! The last one, iridescent stained glass bat is so special and we would dare to say spectacular. The wings which change the color depending on the angle of the light sink into the heart of everyone who sees them.

Apart from that, any people like to adorn their interior with scary cats. We find this idea really interesting and unusual. As one more variant of Halloween items of home decor, we suggest stained glass cat face with red eyes and tongue. The baroque glass of the ears makes this stained glass window hanging one of a kind! And if we started speaking about the eyes, our brand new product is a suncatcher of pumpkin with the creepy eye inside of it! Such bright item with the distinct part of eye would definitely make your interior play out in fresh colours this autumn!

How to decorate windows for halloween

Halloween window decoration ideas

Sometimes we face the problem that many people do not know how to decorate window for Halloween. Actually, this is a rather complicated question, because it all depends on personal preferences. Some people, like to hang just one stained glass suncatcher on the window. They simply like the minimalism and do not want to overload their interior with bright shiny things. On the other hand, other people believe that the more the better. Such people adore when all windows are decorated with dozens of ornaments.

For instance, the group of our customers keeps buying different stained glass window hangings year by year and make the so-called corner of stained glass decorations. And we must say their windows look really adorable! The main thing is to pick up the items which perfectly accomplish each other. If you do it, then believe us, your home will become the best place to meet the evil spirits this Halloween!

If you would like to purchase stained glass pieces for Halloween decorations this year, please, contact us at We would be happy to get to know you and help you choose the best ornaments for your interior.