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      Halloween is a holiday filled with mystery, magic and horror. It’s one of the most loved holidays after Christmas in USA, because it brings joy, fun and lot of unforgettable impressions. This day is associated with candies, costumes, parties and decorations. To make your home be decorated spectacularly for this holiday, use Halloween stained glass suncatchers, which will create an atmosphere that harmoniously combines incompatible things: horror, fun and beauty, for example stained glass feathers.

      Origin of Halloween

      Halloween is a mystery holiday, which is celebrated every year on October 31st. This day has routed from Celtic end-of-summer festival of Samhain, which took place on the British Isles. In accordance with Druid religion, their calendar started from November 1st, that was considered to be the first day of new year. Celebration of upcoming year began on October 31st and lasted until November 2nd. There was a belief, that it is an evil night, when spirits of all died people in the previous year, would rise up and wander on the earth during this scary night. The Celts tried to pacify them by leaving out the treats, hoping that the horror ghosts would leave them alone.

      In eighth century when Christianity came into Britain 1st of November was designated as All Hallows Day to honor all Saints and 2nd of November - All Souls Day to pray for the dead souls. Thus October 31 is an Eve of All Saints or in other words All Hallows’ Eve. Thus evening before mentioned days was called as All Hallows Eve, which nowadays has performed into well-known and popular holiday - Halloween. 

      Halloween decorations

      This day was invented in order to laugh at human fears. On this fall day fun and horror atmosphere is felt everywhere and involves everyone from child to adult. The most common Halloween activities are kids’ trick or treating in the streets, carving jack-o-lantern, wearing costumes, watching scary films, festive gatherings, eating treats and home decorating with appropriate attributes.

      One of the most attractive home decoration is Halloween stained glass ornaments. The traditional horror decor performed by our artists looks unbelievably mesmerizingly. Be sure, you’ll be an owner of unique and eye-catching suncatchers, which make your home be decorated in a special way. In our shop you’ll find the most common Halloween attributes, which are performed in uncommon and sophisticated way. Stained glass vampire hanging bats, witches, spiders and their webs, spooky ghosts, skulls, pumpkins and a lot of other decor will perfectly "take root" in any interior, adding a spice to it.

      The best way to decorate home with Halloween stained glass decor is hanging it on window. Natural sunlight passing through stained glass suncatchers, will be beautifully refracted and play with thousand of shining glares. But when evening comes, just turn the string of lights hanged on the window and glass will mysteriously shine, maintaining the horror atmosphere over the home.

      Since in our shop there are also different styles of spider web made from copper wire, you’ll be able to place it everywhere in your home: on mirror, furniture, front door, garden, terrace etc. If you created an entire composition dedicated to Halloween, stained glass decor will become its central element.

      Each product comes with suction cup or window sticker, so you’ll easily could move it over the window or any other smooth surface.

      Just decorate your home with at least one handcrafted Halloween stained glass piece and... Voila! Your house has become mysterious and ready to meet Halloween - the most terrible day of the year! If you want to see decor for windows for other holidays such as Christmas stained glass, please visit our catalog.

      Make unforgettable gifts

      Stained glass suncatcher is an unique thing that will be adorn your home for many years. Such decor will become a keeper of your story and will become even more precious from year to year as real art never loses its value. In case with Halloween stained glass suncatchers, you’ll be able to use it every year for this holliday. But most likely you won’t hide it away like other holiday decor - it will beautify your window all year round. And before the holiday everything you'd like to do is to add new stained glass decor to collection, creating a fascinating composition of suncatchers.

      For this reason receiving a stained glass bird suncatcher as a gift is so exciting. It will become a witty and precious gift for a person who also likes Halloween, art and exclusive decor. In our shop there are a great variety of horror and artistic window decoration. Here you could find: flying witch and her attributes, vampire bats with wings of different colors, set of spooky ghosts, spiders with their webs of different shapes, volume colored skulls, carved pumpkins and even bat dreamcatcher. But if you have some other ideas for performance of stained glass decor in Halloween theme, just contact us and we’ll gladly transform your wishes in stained glass reality.

      Halloween Stained Glass price

      Product Price
      Stained Glass Halloween cat ghosts $62.40
      Halloween Stained Glass Heart $42.00
      Stained glass boo with pumpkins suncatcher $44.95
      Halloween stained glass witch hat $44,95


      Can I order a product with a personalized design?

      On our website, you have the option to personalize your stained glass by choosing a custom design. To place a custom order, please visit our page at and fill out the provided form.

      What are the prices for Halloween Stained Glass?

      Prices for Stained Glass Halloween range from $15 to $700. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our website.