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      Mother’s Day is a holiday that is devoted to honoring mothers and motherhood in the world. On this day people express their gratitude, love, and appreciation for their mothers or maternal figures.

      This day people give flower bouquets, gifts and cards to their mothers, as well as spend family time with them. Many families also have special meals or gatherings. 

      One of the ways to please your mother with a wonderful and unusual gift is presenting her a stained glass piece. This decorative window hanging could perfectly catch the sun rays and fill the space with bright colors in your home. 

      There are some ideas that you can use to surprise your mom:

      1. Stained glass window hanging:

      A stained glass window hanging decor with an image that your mom adores. It can be her favorite flowers, landscape or even abstract art. Place it near a place where she spends a lot of time;Stained glass panel

      2. Stained glass heart:

      A heart-shaped stained glass suncatcher that can be used as a window decoration or even decorate a room with them.

      3. Stained glass plant stick:

      Sometimes you can meet people who place the stained glass items in their flower pots. I have to confess - it looks amazing! Place several colorful stained glass light catchers in a pot, creating a bright and beautiful composition.

      4. Stained glass picture in a frame:

      A large framed stained glass picture that can be used as a special wall decoration. The image can reflect family’s life moments, happy memories or your mother's favorite motifs.

      Stained glass picture in a frame

      The main condition to place hanging stained glass window panels is to hang them in the location where sun will pass through them and where there’s no strong wind and condensation. 

      Let your stained glass present be special and impressive, reflecting your love and respect for your mother. 

      We eagerly invite you to check the stained glass products in the shop to please your dearest moms! Believe us - you’ll definitely find something. 


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