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      We live in the era of social media and fashion. People are in chase of dressing according to the latest trends and get more likes on Instagram. In this world of fashion and accessories, which will catch the most attention, we also should not forget about bringing out our soul through our looks, reflecting our personal nature. Stained glass pins are one such treasure that embodies both artistry and elegance. Handmade stained glass animal pins also add something about your soul. Going out on a Friday night wearing a small stained glass animal brooch depicting your totem animal or your beloved pet will definitely make your outfit one of a kind, stylish and alive, which is of a high importance. 


      The choice of animal, which will be depicted on brooches has a symbolic significance. Animals have held cultural and symbolic importance in human societies for centuries. From lions symbolizing strength to graceful swans representing beauty, each animal carries its own resonance. It goes without saying, that when placing an order for such stained glass products, as animal pins it is better to think and decide which animal would reflect your personality at its best. Sometimes it might be hard to choose, though you will definitely feel more confident wearing a lovely swan pin if you are a romantic person, than wearing a brooch depicting a lion. The same decision you have to make when it comes to choosing the gifts for your closest person. You have to precisely see what animal will outline the best characteristics of the person. Due to our experience in handcrafting hundreds of stained glass animal brooches, we will be happy to advise you something and want to assure you that pins gifts are simply the best. 


      One more idea, which came up to our skilled and experienced artists is to start creating stained glass brooches depicting your beloved pets. First of all, such an accessory will definitely be one of a kind. Secondly, it will always give you a warm feeling of your cat or dog being close to you. Such stained glass brooches could even be used as small talismans. To be honest, handcrafting stained glass animals brooches and pins, especially of your pets, makes us really happy and every time we create it, we are excited as if we are doing it for the first time. It happens, because we realize how essential it is to depict the animal resembling it in real life to please you!  

      In conclusion, these brooches are not only the expressions of style but also the reflections of individuality. When looking for a unique accessory, have a minute to look through our categories on the website and find the one with stained glass animal brooches. Hint: they are now even more trendy than a vintage brooch. For all the questions concerning shipping and price, please contact us. 

      Animal Brooches Prices

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      Custom Pet Portrait Brooch $47.00
      Dog Portrait Brooch Memorial $47.00
      Custom Pet Portrait Pin $47.00
      Pet Portrait Brooch $47.00


      What is the shipping cost for Animals Brooches and Pins

      Typically, delivery of stained glass peaks to the USA and Canada takes 2-3 weeks.

      Is there a possibility to return the item if it doesn't meet my expectations or preferences?

      You can return the product within 30 days if it remains unused and in the same condition as when you received it.