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      Stained glass mountains panels belong to the most required masterpieces in the niche of stained glass home decor. Exceptionally beautiful panels with mountain scenes inspire their owners, or bring them bright valuable memories of the time spent there. Sometimes, stained glass wall hangings depicting mountains make people do their best to be standing one day in those charming highlands and enjoy the majesty of the world. 

      Unique home decor - stained glass mountains panels

      Stained glass items of home decor acquired a huge popularity in modern society. Many people who fancy decorating their home have at least one or two stained glass pieces of art in their bedroom, kitchen or another room. Also stained glass panels are nearly the most favoured demand among those people. They frequently make the decision to decorate their homes with stained glass mountains panels, and sometimes stained glass animals panels are chosen as well. First of all, this is a good way to bring something special and exquisite to their apartments or houses. And rightly so! 

      The picturesque view of great mountains, big sky and mountain scenes in general will not leave anyone cold. Stained glass landscape depicting highlands will definitely let you think about something sublime, something that is felt only in the mountains, where you stand face to face with the nature. That is why many people love having such fanciful item of home decor. Because in the world that is full of problems and injustice, mountains view can be the one way to escape it all and breathe deeply.

      Arists make the stained glass landscape of a mountain look realistic. It is important to mention, that they do it even to that extend that you will be able to hear that running of the stream, feel the sovereignty of sky and imagine that your feet touch the grass that grows high on the hill. Green Mountain, Blue Mountain and famous Rocky Mountains are just a few examples of what a master of his craft can depict with the help of tiny pieces of colourful glass. 

      Whichever mountain is reproduced via stained glass, our panel will make your interior look special and outstanding. However, what is more important, is that mountain glass wall hanging will change the atmosphere at your home and enrich you yourself with freedom, spiritual power and faith. All the originals we provide are listed in the catalogue, these can be the mountain view CA or panels with flower stained glass for windows

      Stained glass mountain: how is it made?

      As we have already stated above, the manufacturing of stained glass mountain panels requires high skills and concentration. We cannot but mention that many days last until the masterpiece is ready to please your eye and soul. Just try to imagine how long it takes at first to create a sketch for the future work of art. 

      On this very step the hard work takes place, as the master should clearly see how the mountain looks like, where to locate it on the panel and in general to think about the mountain scenes. For instance, if there is a creek in the highlands, how to depict the sun and the trees, if the sky should be blue or with shades of purple. Or, maybe, this environment is the natural habitat for lion, and the king of the beasts should also be represented in the stained glass mountain panel. 

      When the master has a finished sketch of his product he moves to the next step, and that is touching up all lines of the details on the flat glass plate. Then, to proceed with stained glass panel manufacturing, a professional should cut out the details by a glass cutter. 

      Only after that, each detail of our glass is being sharpened on a special machine for grinding. This process has very important value. The master must be very careful and orderly. The next step that he takes is the wrapping of prepared details into the copper foil and soldering them together. Sometimes, stained glass mountain panels have to be painted, for example, if some small thin essential details need to be illustrated. If it happens so, then the next stage is to be, and that is obviously painting. 

      Frankly speaking, painting has a unique meaning in creating stained glass masterpieces. It's not only about skills and techniques of paintist`s drawing. It's also about fantasy and imagination that each person has in his or her soul. That's the reason why our works are so appreciated by our customers. People with different interests and from other cultures every day order our panels with mountain landscapes or other works of art.

      Although the process of manufacturing mountain scenes on the stained glass is routine, each work of art is unique and one in a class by itself. All masters who take part in home decor creation put their heart and soul to do their best, and create a panel, which will make you fall in love with it from the first glance!

      If you are interested in buying something special for your home contact us by e-mail: or messenger! We`re always excited to create customised pieced for our customers! 


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      Classic Stained Glass Panel Cape Breton Highlands National Park $273
      Stained Glass Panel Mountain for Windows Yosemite National Park $343
      Mountain Banff National Park (Style 2) $273
      Stained Glass Lighthouse Panel $130


      When can I expect to receive my order in the Stained Glass Mountains?

      Delivery of stained glass mountains to the USA and Canada usually takes 2-3 weeks.

      How much do Stained Glass Mountains?

      Prices in the Stained Glass Mountains category start from $139 and go up to $450.