Facts about stained glass

Do you know any unusual facts about stained glass decor? In this article you can find out many interesting and we would even dare to say surprising stained glass facts. Can’t wait to share the insides with you! 

10 facts about stained glass

Facts about stained glass

As for the history of stained glass, the first origins can be considered to be lost in history, as many data sources give us different information. However, they say that the Egyptians were the first people to discover stained glass, but much later, in the twelfth century the Romans brought stained glass to the new level.

An interesting fact is that there is a supposition that the technique of stained glass manufacturing came for the creation of jewellery and mosaics! And stained glass windows gained its popularity only when the building of Christian churches began. Due to these facts, one can see quite often mosaics of stained glass in churches and cathedrals.

Moving further, stained glass art is not only represented in windows set up in churches, cathedrals and monasteries. For the last thirty years stained glass lampshades also came into fashion and are considered to be the luxurious items of interior décor all over the world. 

Many people think that stained glass masterpieces are all huge in size, and can fit only the religious establishments or some monumental buildings. But they are not! As stained glass crafts developed, new formats and shapes appeared. For instance, a suncatcher. Suncatchers are small, usually hand-sized items of home décor, which are to be hanged in the windows.

According to the facts, Sainte-Chapelle in Paris is considered to be one of the places in the world where we can see and enjoy the most extensive collection of stained glass works of art belonging to the thirteenth century! In this chapel all fifteen windows are decorated with stained glass, which counts approximately 600 m2, and depicts more than a thousand figures mentioned in the Bible. 

Some of stained glass items of home décor are known to be seasonal. Speaking about it, we can not but mention Halloween décor. Halloween is one of the most favoured holidays on the planet, and we know that every year we do our best to make the place of living look even more spectacular and unique. So that every person can make his home the most perfect place for meeting with evil spirits! These items include flying bats in different colours to fit any interior! What is more, stained glass orange pumpkins are among the top demands in the eve of Halloween, together with ghosts in various designs and many other suncatchers and window hanging panels.

Stained glass bird suncatcher is another honoured piece of art by stained glass décor lovers. Such items of window décor also vary in size, complexity, and design. Stained glass hummingbird suncatcher are the most loved ones! And there is definitely a reason for it! These birds are not only exceptionally beautiful, but also have a great value due to their symbolism. Besides, stained glass hummingbird is always a magnificent idea if you want to please your closest people with a gift. 

In addition, many public houses, such as justice establishments, banks and so on, also make an extensive use of stained glass décor. This accounts by the transparency of stained glass and as a result the leaded lights, which make the atmosphere in a place more private and comfortable. 

Are you the one who is totally fascinated by stained glass art, but has the fear that these masterpieces are hard to take care of? We are here to tear down this myth. Stained glass products belong to easily-washed décor. All you need is to take a wet piece of cloth and wipe it gently. And magic! It looks like a new one again!

Finally, the largest manmade stained glass window is located in St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of Assumption in Kentucky, the USA. This piece of art is said to depict the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD, and its size is 67 ft × 24 ft (20.4 m × 7.3 m)!

Interesting facts about stained glass windows for kids 

Stained glass window stir interest not only in adults. That is the fact that kids are also fond of stained glass. Lovely home décor, including stained glass bird suncatchers, or window panel, attract children of any age. 

As a rule, stained glass windows for kids depict their favourite cartoon character, or their favourite animal, for example. Wouldn’t you dream about stained glass window with your favourite hero? We bet, you would. 

Besides, stained glass window in kid’s space is not just a stunning item of décor, but it also helps your kid to develop imaginative skills. The glass reflects the sunlight, and the room becomes coloured with different shades, which lets a kid look at the lines and the light and see the figures. For younger kids, colourful stained glass windows is a good way to learn the colours!