How to decorate windows for Christmas

Christmas decorating ideas are not endless. Many people are already tired of annual decorations they put on windows for Christmas. Today we will show you how to use stained glass Christmas ornaments properly and make your place of living the most outstanding in the street!

Нow to decorate windows for Сhristmas

how to decorate a window for christmas

It’s a well-known fact that Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year! Every single person on the planet wants to decorate his place of living, especially windows, for winter holidays in a special way. However, every year it is becoming harder and harder to find unique Christmas ornaments for home. Decoration manufacturers create Christmas items of the same size, design, color spectrum and so on. 

Let’s admit, we are all tired and bored of classic red Santas, plastic snowmen and paper gifts. That is why, we thought that stained glass window hangings would make our annual New Year celebrations play out in fresh colours, as absolutely each of them is unique. Even though you might stick to the idea that still they are of the same design and not one of a kind, you are mistaken. The thing is that each window hanging is handcrafted and every glass piece is chosen and cut every time. And surely, there is no identical sheets of stained glass even from one manufacturer! 

So, beyond any hesitations, we like no one else know how to decorate your homes for Christmas in such a special way that everyone who passes your place of living will stare at your bay window and crave for the same Christmas ornaments. However, before sharing our Christmas collection of window hangings with you, we would love to tell you where our unique decorations can be hung. 

To start with, as we have already mentioned, suncatchers would definitely beautify your bay window. Especially fantastic would look several products on a large window, as they will be lit from the outside with the sunrays and the light will also be reflected from snow. That will look amazing, believe us!

decorating ideas for christmas windows

Besides, some of stained glass suncatchers for windows for Christmas would also serve as exterior ornaments. For example, some items from our shop have a special hook and might be hung on arch or your front door. If you would like to decorate your garden or patio for the upcoming winter holidays with stained glass ornaments, there are some good ideas for you below!

Some suncatchers can be used outdoor. If you have a tree in the garden, it would look fanciful with bright glass ornaments, but it is better to choose small suncatchers not to let them break, because of severe wind, which happens sometimes in winter. 

Moving back to the decorations inside the house, one of the most popular room where people love to spend winter evenings is kitchen. That is why, beautifying your windows in kitchen with our products is a great idea! Just imagine drinking tea, eating dozens of tangerines, dreaming about something special and looking at marvelous window hangings! 

Moreover, it is essential to put Christmas decorations on your living room windows. Probably, in every house living room becomes the very heart of winter celebrations. Absolutely, every stained glass piece from our new collection would perfectly complement your annual Christmas decorations and make them look, we would dare to say, new! It is important to mention that we do our best to manufacture our light catchers in a such way that they can also be hung on New Year Tree! Basically, our goods are all-purpose and would make you fall in love with them. And the details we paint on stained glass window hangings make them extremely cute!

Finally, celebrations are great, but nobody forgets about the job! Almost every person in the world spends a huge amount of time at office. That is why, do not forget to decorate this place! Some of our window hangings are of minimalistic design and they would fit any office interior!

Christmas decoration ideas for windows

christmas decoration ideas for windows

It goes without saying that through all the years stained glass Santa window hangings remain number one in the list of the most popular decorations for Christmas! In our shop you will find different designs for Santa ornaments. They are of different shapes and you will definitely find the one to your liking, which will make your windows special this holidays period!

If you are looking for Christmas decorating ideas for your front door and would love to put them outside to beautify it, stained glass yellow bells would be perfect decoration for such an intentions! They look lovely and would definitely warmly welcome every person who enters your house this year! 

Stained glass Christmas gift suncatcher would serve as a pleasing present for your old granny and would beautify her windows and make her smile every time when looking at it! 

One more fantastic idea for home decoration during Christmas celebrations is skating cardinal window hanging. We cannot but mention that this lovely cardinal bird is also available in female variant. Both of these items can be used in your with your partner room and symbolize your love towards each other!

To crown it all, in our shop you will find lots of ideas to decorate windows at your home to make it a perfect place for spending the most beautiful time of the year - Christmas.