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Chickadee silhouette looking right glass mosaic
What's inside chickadee glass mosaic kit
Chickadee silhouette glass mosaic DIY kit
Chickadee glass mosaic for arts&crafts
Zoomed chickadee glass mosaic
Glass mosaic diy kit for chickadee silhoette
Variants of birds glass mosaics

Chickadee Bird Silhouette Glass Mosaic DIY Kit

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Chickadees stand for honesty! Creating a symbolic item of home decor is a great opportunity :) Thus, we have a glass mosaic DIY kit and everything you need in it to make it possible to let your imagination flow and create unique handmade ornament! 

Measurements: 7.5 x 9.5 inches

Mosaic kit includes:
1. Wooden base
2. Glass mosaic tiles cut according to the needed shape
3. Plate for working with mosaic
4. Tub with glue
5. Brush
6. Tweezers
7. Paper cup
8. Mixture
9. Spoon for mixing
10. Cellophane gloves
11. Sponge
12. Napkin
13. Paper for working zone
14. Wall fixture
15. ‼️ Video tutorial via QR code


To clean glass mosaic we recommend using a wet cloth.

Be sure that you will get your order in good condition, as we carefully pack glass goods in a special brand box.

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