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Stained glass beige Tiffany lamp with beveled inserts
Lit stained glass classic Tiffany lamp with beige inserts
Stained glass Tiffany classic lamp from the inside
Zoomed stained glass details of classic Tiffany lamp
Top view of stained glass Tiffany classic lamp in beige colours
Zoomed stained glass classic lamp shade in beige colours

Classic Tiffany Lamp low

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This unique stained glass lamp in Tiffany style could be used as a bedside lamp, an office lamp and of course as decorative lamp. In addition, such item of decor is a great choice if you want to please your closest and dearest people on any occasion.

Measurements: 16 x 15.7 inch (670 x 400 mm)
Art nouveau table lamp is made of stained glass using L.C. Tiffany method of copper foil. During the process of manufacturing, we use only the high-quality materials, such as:
• 3 mm Spectrum Glass (USA)
• 3 mm Wissmach Glass (USA)
• 3 mm Uroboros Glass
• Tin
• Copper Foil
• Black Patina
• Wax
We heartily advise you to clean stained glass products with a wet cloth.
We would like to ensure you that all stained glass goods are safely packed into a special brand box. So you will get your order in perfect condition.
Do not hesitate, and contact us in case you want to become an owner of CUSTOMISED stained glass items of home decor!
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