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Brown bat spooky stained glass suncatcher
Halloween brown bat window hanging for spooky decor
Brown bat window hanging for Halloween
Yellow bat horror decor for Halloween
Halloween yellow bat window hanging for home
Black bat window hanging
Halloween black bat horror decor
Halloween black bat window hanging suncatcher
Halloween horror bat window hanging  decor
Blue bat window hanging for home
Spooky blue bat for Halloween decor
Red bat window hanging for Halloween
Halloween red bat suncatcher
Horror red bat suncatcher
Stained glass suncatcher of a purple-winged bat for Halloween
Iridescent-winged stained glass bat for ghastly Halloween decor

Brown-winged Bat

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Unique stained glass products are always a good idea when choosing items of home decor. Stained glass bat will be perfect when decorating your home for Halloween. What holiday celebration is possible without so special details?

Measurements: 4,5 x 7,5 inch (114 x 190 mm)

Stained glass bat is manufactured by using a technique of copper foil provided by L.C. Tiffany. In the process of creation stained glass bat window hangings, only high-quality materials are used. For instance, we use such components as:

  • 3 mm Spectrum glass
  • Tin
  • Copper foil
  • Black patina
  • Wax

We strongly recommend you to use wet cloth when doing curing procedures as wiping the stained glass product. 

When sending orders to your address, we pack them into a safe box to make sure you will get them in a perfect condition. 


We will gladly fulfil your ideas, and create a customized specially for you order. We would also like to pay your attention to the fact that we offer a wide range of colours and complexity. Moreover, due to being quite small in its size, stained glass Halloween bat will look good on any type of window. 

If you would like to own such item of horror decor for Halloween, as stained glass bat, please, contact us, and we will enjoy collaborating together.

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