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Running brown Tibetan Mastiff mosaic of stained glass
Stained glass running Mastiff mosaic wall hanging
Stained glass mosaic depicting running Tibetan Mastiff for home decor
Zoomed stained glass snout of Tibetan Mastiff mosaic
Stained glass fangs of Tibetan Mastiff mosaic wall hanging
Stained glass back view of Tibetan Mastiff wall hanging with its hooks

Running Tibetan Mastiff

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Stained glass mosaic depicting Tibetan Mastiff will definitely beautify your place of living. This wall hanging is so majestic, and it will for sure gladden true dog lovers, and those who are seeking for protection.

Measurements: 32.4 x 32.8 inch (825 x 885 mm)

During the process of manufacturing stained glass goods, we refer to only the top-quality materials, such as:
• 3 mm Spectrum Glass
• 3 mm Wissmach Glass
• 3 mm Uroboros Glass
• Wood
• Glue
• Epoxide float finish


If you decide to clean stained glass products, we recommend doing it with a wet cloth.

Be sure that you will get your order safe and sound, as we carefully pack all stained glass products in a special brand box.

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas about the CUSTOMISATION of stained glass masterpieces!
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