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Window hanging of a stained glass purple-winged bat
Suncatcher of a stained glass bat with purple wings
Stained glass purple-winged bat suncatcher
Iridescent-winged stained glass bat suncatcher for Halloween decor
Suncatcher of a stained glass bat with iridescent wings
Blue bat Halloween suncatcher for spooky decoration
Suncatcher of a stained glass blue-winged bat
Horror decor black bat window hanging
Stained glass black-winged bat suncatcher
Red-winged bat suncatcher of stained glass
Stained glass Halloween red bat window hanging
Brown bat suncatcher for Halloween
Suncatcher of a stained glass yellow-winged suncatcher
Brown-winged stained glass bat window hanging

Purple-winged Bat

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Stained glass purple-winged bat is a splendidĀ item of home decor for the upcoming Halloween. Such suncatcher will make your celebrations unforgettable, and your place of living spectacular!

Measurements: 4,5 x 7,5 inch (114 x 190 mm)

In the process of stained glass bat creation, we referĀ toĀ the L.C. Tiffany method of copper foil. When manufacturing Halloween bat window hanging we use such materials, as:

  • 3 mm Spectrum glass
  • Tin metal
  • Copper foil
  • Black patina
  • Wax

Please, follow the care instructions, and wipe the product only with a wet cloth.

Be sure that your order will be delivered in its entirety and good condition, as we will pack it in a special brand box.

If you'd like to get aĀ CUSTOMĀ piece of art, please, feel free to contactĀ us, and we will gladly collaborate with you!
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