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Stained glass orange dreamcatcher with blue feathers for home decor
Flower-shaped stained glass dreamcatcher with hanging down blue feathers
Stained glass dreamcatcher with blue feathers below
Zoomed stained glass feathers hanging down from dreamcatcher
Zoomed upper part of a stained glass dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher of stained glass with blue feathers hanging down

Dreamcatcher with Blue Feathers

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Your dreams are safe with our stained glass dreamcatcher with blue feathers. Who wouldn't love it?

Measurements: 15.9 inches (405 mm)

Stained glass window hanging is made using L.C. Tiffany method of copper foil. During the process of manufacturing stained glass goods we use only the high quality materials, such as:
• 3 mm Spectrum Glass
• 3 mm Uroboros Glass
• Tin
• Copper Foil
• Black Patina
• Wax

We heartily advise you to wipe stained glass products with a wet cloth.

We want to convince you that you will get your order safe and sound as we carefully pack stained glass products in a safe brand box.


We can't wait to hear your preferences and collaborate with you! Please, share your ideas with us, and we will create new CUSTOMISED products just for you.


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