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Stained glass orange feather suncatcher with bardic blotchiness
Orange with blotchiness stained glass feather suncatcher
Stained glass orange with blotchiness feather window hanging
Orange feather with blotchiness suncatcher of stained glass

Orange Feather (Style 102)

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This stained glass feather is full of vibrant colours and delicate thin lines, which make it look adorable. Such suncatcher will not only beautify your place of living, but also serve as a marvellous present for someone special.

Measurements: 6.5 inch (165 mm)
This stained glass suncatcher is manufactured using L.C. Tiffany method of copper foil. During the process of creating stained glass goods we use only the top-quality materials, such as:
• 3 mm Spectrum Glass
• 3 mm Wissmach Glass
• Tin
• Copper Foil
• Black Patina
• Wax
It is recommended to clean stained glass goods with a wet piece of cloth.
Еach stained glass masterpiece is safely packaged into a special brand box for delivering it to our customers in excellent condition.


We are excited to hear your preferences and create new stained glass CUSTOMISED products according to your desires! Please, do not hesitate, and contact us as soon as possible!

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