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Stained glass Virgin Mary with small Jesus Christ mosaic icon
Zoomed stained glass faces of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ mosaic
Zoomed picture of Virgin Mary icon mosaic
Stained glass mosaic icon depicting Virgin Mary with small Jesus Christ

Virgin Mary Icon

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This stained glass mosaic orthodox icon depicting Mother MaryĀ has a great value forĀ Christian prayers, as Virgin Mary is believed to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Such religious masterpieceĀ canĀ beautify church, monastery or even your home!

Measurements: 35.6 x 28 inch (906 x 713 mm)

In the process of manufacturing stained glass goods, we use only the top-quality materials, such as:
ā€¢ 3 mm Spectrum Glass
ā€¢ 3 mm WissmachĀ Glass
ā€¢ 3 mm UroborosĀ Glass
ā€¢ Wood
ā€¢ Glue
ā€¢ Epoxide float finish
ā €

Please, follow the instructions, and clean stained glass products with a wet cloth.

All stained glass masterpiecesĀ are safely packaged into a brand box for delivering it to your place inĀ ideal condition.

We are excited to hear your preferences in CUSTOMIZING stained glass goods. We are looking forward to collaborating with you!
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