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      Stained glass window hanging belongs to one of the most popular items of home decoration all over the world. Stained glass sunsets glass art looks really beautiful, due to the amount of warm colors and dozens of shades, and will definitely adorn any interior design!

      Stained glass panels designs

      People who have ever been interested in stained glass decor for their place of living or office, or simply those people who are fond of stained glass art know that there is a huge variety of designs, shapes of the panels, frames and sizes. 

      In our shop you can find and purchase panels of any complexity, starting with the simple window hangings and suncatchers, ending with unusual shapes, such as oval, rhombus, and even hexagon! Besides, it is up to our dear customers to create brand new shapes of the stained glass panels depicting unique landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, in other words, all their favourite places and things. 

      Suncatcher glass art can also be of extraordinary shapes and designs. For example, in the form of a flower, sun with the rays. In our shop you can even find stained glass fruits and vegetables! And again, we can manufacture anything you can visualize in your head. 

      Except for the design of products, we also have to mention the necessity of choosing the right colors, texture and transparency. The decision sometimes might be really hard, due to the variety of stained glass. As for the transparency, there are such levels of transparency as transparent, translucent and opaque. Transparent glass is clear, in other words. Speaking about the translucent glass, it looks like a frosted one, so it is not fully transparent and does not let the sun rays come through it in full strength. Finally, opaque one actually bounces back the light which comes at it. 

      Moving on to the texture of stained glass, there is also a huge number of different types of it. For example, some types look just like a normal glass, they are smooth. However, some types of glass contain other objects in it, such as small glittery things, or some sticks. Besides, in other kinds you feel as if there are crystals when you touch it. Or, the glass might be ribbed. Some glass might be sleedy or krinkle, even cord! 

      If there are so many textures, just think about how many colors for it exist. Firstly, it can be of just one color. As, for instance, we use red for our cardinals suncatcher. Secondly, there might be interesting colorings, such as one main color and its different shades. Baroque stained glass also belongs to one of the most popular ways of coloring. We have to mention that iridescent glass is one of the beloved glasses on the market. Items of decor handcrafted of iridescent stained glass will always please your eye and look really charming. 

      Especially attractive window hangings depicting sunsets due to the endless amount of warm shades of yellow, orange, pink and purple colors. Such items of decor will for sure bring the warmest feelings and emotions in you. While looking at these panels you will feel as if you are enjoying the real sunsets in one of your favourite places in the world!

      Now you see that before the actual manufacturing of glass art wall decor or window hangings, there is a long process of choosing the right glass, which would depict the object or the landscape at its best!

      Stained glass home decorations

      Just imagine, in the evening after loads of hard work, you come back home and enjoy an exceptionally attractive stained glass window hanging where you can see the best place you have ever been to, whether it is sunsets on the ocean shore, sunrise on the beach with your beloved people. 

      Believe us, such stained glass landscapes will never let you be upset and gloomy, because they are created to cheer you up on the hardest days of your life reminding you about happy days in your favourite places. Such images will definitely become the essential part of your decor!

      If you do not have anything specific of which picture you would like to have on a panel in mind, we have some suggestions. For instance, many people consider their hometown to be really beautiful. So, why not to depict it? As the topic of our discussion is sunsets panels, then your path to work, which you are used to, can look really breathtaking when the sun is setting. Unfortunately, quite often people simply do not pay their attention to the real beauty of places they are used to. But once we create a stained glass panel with the usual scene in time of golden hour, many people become really amazed at the thought of what charming places they live in. Furthermore, they start to look at familiar places differently, as if they are walking its paths for the first time.

      If you would like to place an order or contact us to figure out the details of a customised stained glass masterpiece, please contact us at: . As usual, we would be happy to hear from you and we are always ready to let our imagination run wild and create something exquisite and unique for you!